You are welcome to contact any of our listed charities or causes should you want to help them! Please remember to tell us about what you will be doing, so that we can tell the world about it!

WHAT: Helps 13000 children who report abuse against them every year. Most of them are girls between 8 and 12 who has been raped.
NEED: Comfort packs for these children (deodorant, teddy bears, face cloth, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cup-a-soup, panties (girls ages 4 - 12), notebook, pen, colouring book, crayons, juice, crisps, energy bar, packet of tissues, sanitary towels)
NEED : Create child-friendly reporting rooms in WC, mostly Cape Town.
WHO : Monique Strydom 021 9319107

Macassar Kids Club
WHAT: The Macassar Kids Craft Club was started in January 2008 by Macassar Baptist Chruch, to teach crafts to the children from the poorer communities in Macassar.
NEED: We need volunteers for teaching crafts and assist with homework. Donate Afrikaans childrens books. Craft materials. Sponships for school uniforms. Sponsorship for meals andoutings.Funding for a camp.
WHO : Denise Groenewald 0731463908

WHERE : Macassar

ACVV Bright Lights 

WHAT: ACVV Bright Lights is a centre for street/ high risk children in the Helderberg Basin 8 - 18 Years. Can accomodate 20 children to sleep in and serve 30 children daily as part of a Drop - in centre. We help 50 children in Somerset West, Cape Town.  

NEED: ACVV Bright Lights is currently struggling financially. All donations/ assistance welcome 

WHO : Bettie Janse van Noordwyk/ Andre Putter 021 851 2414  

Women and beyond

WHAT: Care for women and children living with terminal illness, disability,rape case and domestic violence. Offer counselling, support groups, social intervention and care. 

NEED: To have the resources available when we receive a mother and child in the centre. What helps a lot is the nappies, formula milk and baby toiletries. Toys are very crucial. Whiles the mother is traumatised we need to keep the baby busy with play therapy. 

WHO : Ethel Tlhapane: 0781460388



Fisant Superkidz Educare Centre

WHAT: We are looking after babies from 0-1year and children from 2-6 years. All our teachers are in training for ECD. We develop the child as a whole. Feeding them 2 cooked meals per day and 2 snack times.We are in the process of registering with the Dept of Social Development. 

NEED: Any kind of donations no matter how big or small will be highly appreciated. Our biggest challenge at this stage is OUTDOOR play equipment. 

WHO: Joan Reid: +27848351504

WEB : none 

Ikwezi Development Projects

WHAT: Our objective is to raise up, out of the tragedy of the HIV/Aids Pandemic, new generation of leaders who follow Jesus Christ. We aim to provide for their spiritual and physical welfare, emotional and intellectual development and their educational needs.  These funds are used for their school fees, unifroms and stationary. We take them shopping to buy their uniforms. The end of each year they make Christmas cards for their sponsors. At the end of every year we get Progress reports from all their schools which are then emailed to the sponsors with an updated photo. We visit their homes and schools regularly. The end of every year we have a Christmas party where they all receive gifts, food vouchers, cakes and juice. I have a weekly Biblestudy with their grannies and caregivers. I run a  support group to help the children and loved ones who are using drugs and alchol.  As soon as the building is fixed our dream is to have an office, a room to do counselling and to run an aftercare centre everyday for the children where they can receive a meal and help with their school work. 

NEED: We need people to sponsor the many children on our waiting list. Volenteers to help us. The children need clothing and food. We need a big vehicle to take them shopping and on outings. Funds to pay our two Fieldworkers. We need the building fixed and electricity and plumbing repaired 

WHO : Cecelia Elrick: O83 346 7637/ 021 5582610



Zoë Trust

WHAT: Heideveld is an area situated close to the N2. The area is plagued with high levels of poverty, gangsterism and crime. It forms part of the “cape flats”. At our house in Badsberg Close we are trying to be a light in the community. In the view of the diversity of our community it is a privilege to be able to reach out to the children of the area. We aim to uplift the community by educating the children and warning them against the dangers of abuse, prostitution and pornography, during our weekly groups on Wednesdays. We also run a library once a week, where children come to read and play. The house is always open for a hungry tummy, a friendly smile, a hug, or for the children to find peace against the problems they face every day. The children have come to know this as a house where love rules and assistance is always given. No one is judged and no one rejected. The children are amazing. Some have shy smiles. Some talk loudly. Some show us their new dance moves every week and others love to just sit in the corner and listen, but all of them hunger for love, and thus the number grows every week. We believe that the only way to fight the darkness and the evils of the neighbourhood is with persistent and abundant grace and love. In the same way, the Lord saves us, continually, every day, with His grace and His abundant love. We also organise many community projects, such as community outreach with the children, Valuable To Jesus campaigns at schools, field trips, parties and life skills groups for girls aged 12-22. Feel free to visit our website or contact us for more information. 

NEED: We believe tolerance and peace is found when we get to know each other and experience a world different than our own. This is why we would love for you to come and volunteer at any of our projects during the week. Contact us to find out how you can get involved. Other than that we always need specific donations (depending on the need at the time) as well as financial donations for certain projects. 

WHO : Lisa Truter



Angels without Wings

WHAT: Angels without Wings offers assistence to families who have children with terminal illnesses or life altering conditions. Our main focus is on making it possible for children to receive the correct treatment / procedures regardless of their family's financial situation. We offer financial and emotional support. We assist about 39 aww children and about 40 in various hospitals.

NEED: Financially. Things such as toys, toiletries, blankets, teddy bears - sms AWW to 38008, sms costs R10 - Spreading the word.

WHO : Nadine Voyiatzakis: 0716036325

WEB : 

Colors Academy

WHAT: Established in 2008, the Colors Academy is a Western Cape registered non-profit organisation (NPO) dedicated to uplifting and improving the lives of low-income fruit farm workers and their families, through social development, education and health initiatives. With sustained and individual attention, the Academy provides focussed programmes through each life-stage of a person, aiming to nurture the unique individual to achieve his or her maximum potential. Social intervention on various levels equips children to break the cycles of the far-reaching effects of poverty; delayed physical and psychological development, inadequate education, substance abuse as well as physical and emotional abuse. To this end, the Colors Foundation offers early childhood development programmes on farms, as well as children’s recreational activities. The project’s scientific approach supports the neuro-biological development of the children, facilitating optimal brain development and enabling each child’s inherent potential to be reached. This ensures the establishment of a foundation for life-long learning by the time they enter primary school. 

NEED: In order to continue to reach at-risk rural communities, the Colors Academy has an on-going need for funding. Even the smallest donations can go a long way to making a difference in the lives of rural children. Contributions can be made via EFT – please e-mail us for details. 

WHO : Monique le Grange: 021-8075000 

WEB : 

Anna Foundation

WHAT: Our charity do the "3 R's Programme: Reading, Running and Right-ing". Work with children in rural areas offering our programme in the afternoons and training local women to implement the programme.Believe in building the self worth of children to assist them in making positive life choices. 

NEED: Assist weekly with one-on-one reading and support for children with learning barriers. Help out at fun runs as a support runner or with our bike programme on the farms. Offer life skills workshops and activities. Help in holiday times with fun activities. Help organise fundraiser event.

WHO : Carolyn Clark: 0218851922

WEB : 

Ray of Sunshine House

WHAT: The Ray of Sunshine House is a safe house for abused and abondoned children. They are taken care or in a protected environment of a family unit and are lavished with love and care. Some children stay the night, some days, some months and some years, but for the time they are there, they are loved and well take care of. 

NEED: At the moment our biggest need is the paying of salaries for the staff as well as the electricity each month. 

WHO : Merlè Ray: 0837141394

WEB :  

Isasalethu Youth Project

WHAT: Isasalethu Youth Project REG No- NGO: 087-349 NPO, what we do here we are trying to shift the mind-set of young students in our local township schools to broaden their view on education and we trying to help them to discover their true skills before going to the Universities and working world. We have a different programms in outdoor and indoors that help these future leaders to do their best in they lifes and also in their studies. 

NEED: You can help IYP by developing Web site for them, the biggest challenge for IYP is funding. By getting funds we can get better offices and better matirial/equipment. Since we busy working with these schoolars on the after school programe, our biggest chalenge is food for these kids. Now there is more kids interested in the programe not because of food "NO" its because of the impact/change that they see in other schoolars that we busy working with. Hope to here from you soon Kind regards Humphrey Lentsa (Project Manager).

WHO : Humphrey Ntsele Lentsa: 0836960258

WEB : None 

The Homestead Projects for Street Children

WHAT: We help children to leave the streets and reintegrate with their families and communities. We also help to prevent children from ending up living on the streets. We have a beadwork projecy for mothers so that they can feed their children. 

NEED: Lots! We have 2 drop in centres,an after school project, an Intake Shelter, a Children's Home and a beadwork project. 

WHO : Sandra Morreira: 021 419 9763

WEB : 

Omega view community upliftment project 

WHAT: Our project is based on nutrition we feed about 200 children per week.twice per week depending on donations received for that week.we use a shipping container 6x3 a a reading room where they are taught the basics in reading.we asisst them with homework,projects and information from the internet is collected from the nearest internet cafe about 35minutes away from us .we desperately need a computer,fax,copy machine to start a mini internet cafe.we also asisst burn victims with clothing and food.we also have a tb and hiv programme. 

NEED: By helping us with the following 1 stationery 2 shool clothing and shoes 3 building materials to add two extra classrooms 4 books for children used and unused 5 food,ingrediends for food 6 sports equipment for soccer,rugby,volleyball,netball.

WHO : Priest john nicholson: 0733928295

WEB : None 


WHAT: Feed and clothe the homeless; sqauter dwellers; feed the hungry especially children every Friday afternoon after school. Also have a Kids choir consists of +-30kids to keep them off the streets. 

NEED: By donating clothing and food products. Financial help and also transport would be appreciated a lot. 

WHO : Mabel Richards: 078 383 5336 / 021 406 6203

WEB : 


WHAT: Education Enrichment Programmes at under-resourced primary schools: Literacy Support, Physical Education & Extra-curricular activities (chess, creative arts, sports).

NEED: Volunteer as a Reading Tutor (English or Afrikaans). Volunteer to teach a small group of children a new skill (photography, music, upcycling etc). 

WHO : Ashley Visagie: 083 406 2355

WEB : 

Ithemba Lobomi Foundation

WHAT: We, Ithemba Lobomi Foundation, hereby would like to take this opportunity as to request assistance by helping us with any kind of donation for approximately 30 Old people that we cater. Ithemba Lobomi Foundation, are active primarily in the Belhar and Delft communities, we take a proactive role on children, youth and Old people. We rely totally on donations to fund our activities. Our core purpose is to be relevant and support all structures that will empower and equip children and the old people within our community. 

NEED: There are so many people are suffering that we really would like to help, without funding or donations this is so impossible to accommodate the people in our communities. At the moment we are really requesting any donations, such as financial support, food, toiletries, stationary, computers, clothes, etc…. 

WHO : Delores Mdabuli: 0767367747

WEB : None 

 Soul food fund

WHAT: Spiritual food for the soul! - We feed the nation with the gospel - Living waters- living Word!  

NEED: Bibles Soup Pamflets and at this stage building material for our biblestudy location. 

WHO : Alice Pitzer: 0833771470


Vrede Liefde & Hoop Gemeenskaps projek

WHAT: Ek is Pastoor Maruis Ferreira, Ek is woonagtig in Kraaifontein. Ek het n visie van God gekry om ons gemeenskap in nood te help. Ek het n Gemeenskaps Projek begin genaamd Vrede Liefde & Hoop. Ons het n kantoor oop gemaak in Kraaifontein vanwaar ons werk. Die doel van die Gemeenskaps Projek is om die gemeenskap in die omgewing asook waar daar nood is te help. Ons wil graag fokus op ons jeug. Kinders wat verkrag was, kinders wat gemolesteer was of dalk hulle self in so situasie bevind, kinders wat uit huise kom waar hulle geweld en dwelms daagliks beleef. Dis kinders wat ons gaan help. Ons wil ook persone oud en jonk wat die behoefte het om te leer lees skryf te help. Ons gaan die gemeenskap ook die geleentheid gun om by ons kantoor lap verf, spelietjies, Bybel studie ens te kom doen. Ons wil ook uitruikings begin en is tans al klaar besig daarmee, ons wil sopkombuise hou, ouetehuise besoek (met sang en vir hulle iets gee), skole besoek (broodtjies in pouse tyd gee) Ons besoek ook Kerke en bedien met die word en sang (Ek het reeds n bestaande Demo opgeneem) Ons wil daar wees vir die Gemeenskap en daarom het ek U hulp nodig. Ons is opsoek na borge en skenkings om die gemeenskap te help. Vrede Liefde & Hoop Gemeenskaps Projek is daar vir die gemeenskap en ons wil n verskil maak. Oud en jonk gaan betrek en gehelp word. Hierdie Gemeenskaps Projek word bestuur op Christelike beginsels en als wat ons al bereik het (en gaan bereik), gee ons God die eer. Ons wil die boodskap ook so oordra aan die gemeenskap en so ook n verskil maak. Hierdie Projek is begin met geloof, gebed en passie vir my medemens. Ons wil die gemeenskap deel en betrokke maak met die projek. Ek wil vir U vra as U dit sou goed dink om ons te help met enige borg of skenkings sal ons dit hoog op prys stel. Ons wil u ook uitnooi om by ons kantoor te kom kuier en n koppie Koffie te kom geniet saam met ons. Ons verhouding tot Christus is die kern van Vrede Liefde & Hoop Gemeenskaps Projek se visie en elkeen van ons se Liefde vir God behoort daarom die sentrale fokus punt van ons geloof te wees. Ons betoon ons Liefde vir God op verskeie maniere. 

NEED: Borge en Skenkings Wat het ons nodig? Onbederfbare Blikkies kos, Koffie, tee en suiker, Vleis, vars groente en vrugte, Skoonmaak middels, Meubels, Kantoortoerusting, Skryfbehoeftes, Wol, Komberse, kussing ens, Speelgoed, Boeke, Opvoedkundige speletjies, Toiletware, Klere en skoene Verf, klei, lap ens Enige skenkings groot of klein sal opreg wardeur word. 

WHO : Pst Marius Ferreira: 0842040409

WEB : 

WHAT: Stop Hunger Now is an international hunger relief organisation founded in 1998 that coordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid around the world. The organisation is driven by a vision of a world without hunger in our lifetime, and a mission of transformation through education: coordinating the funding of meal-packaging events with an outcomes-based distribution strategy. 

Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa started in 2009 with a vision to end hunger in Southern Africa. It has full-time operations in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with volunteer operations across the region. Assists 3000 children per month. 

NEED: Volunteers are core to helping ensure our programme remains cost-effective and reaches as many hungry children and youth. We hold regular public packaging events. 

WHO : Nathan van Niekerk 021 705 6278 

WEB : 

WHAT: We began a ministry project on Mooiplaas farm for farmworkers and their kids. We bussy with a feeding scheme on a Saterday morning to feed the children. 
NEED: We need sponser for the feeding scheme on a Saturday morning
WHO : PIERRE FOURIE 0763092174
WEB : None
WHERE : Mooiplaas Bottelarry Brackenfell

Immanuel's Haven

WHAT: Our Vision To provide a sanctuary for children at risk; and a place of skills development for disadvantaged youth and adults. NPO nr: 040-478 PBO nr: 930030861 Our Mission To uplift children and their parents, rehabilitate them and ultimately reunite them. 

NEED: Volunteering, Donate time, goods and/or funds, Visit us, Raise funds, Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, Raise awarenessPizzas for our children on a monthly basis will be great... 

WHO : Bubbles Strangman  0824417806 

WEB : 

Shiloh Synergy

WHAT: Food for the hungry (Large scale food production, various soup kitchens, welfare assistance), empowerment projects (job creation, training of educational teachers, skills development, small business training, back to school project) Educational projects (child development, JES pre-schools, computer centers, animal & enviromental care, health & HIV care) Childrens homes & spiritual. This project assist 3500 to 4000 children.

NEED: Pack and distributing the food. 

WHO: Esmé de Meyer: 021-9818241

WEB : 

Connect Network

WHAT: Network, resource and equip 106 NGOs working with children at risk in Cape Town. Our project assist project assists 286 000 children.

NEED: volunteer, co-ordinate resources, charity drives, we offer points for B-BBEE compliancy for companies, christmas parties, outings.

WHO : Dee Moskoff: 0218529900

WEB : 

I am Special Ministries

WHAT: I am Special share love and grace with children by visiting their school and spending time with them every week. All our volenteers have a passion for children and we make sure the children feel SPECIAL and know they are SPECIAL. no matter who they are, where they come from or what they do. they are SPECIAL just because GOD made them. 

NEED: People can help by volentering as a fasilitator. by sponsoring a child for R30 per month by donating, mon ami crayons by making a donatino towords the 2000 workbooks for 2013 by donating R500 to equip a fasilitator with all the lession material for 1 year. by just being a friend.

WHO : Luani Oosthuizen: 083 399 1685

WEB : 

The Chaeli Campaign

WHAT: The Chaeli Campaign works towards mobilising the minds and bodies of children with disabilities through the provision of custom-made assistive devices, therapy programmes (physiotherapy, OT and communication facilitation), supporting inclusive education and by running various advocacy events and programmes that focus on the importance of diversity and inclusion. We aim to change the life of one disabled child at a time, but in a significant way. We assists 2500 children with this project.

NEED: Through the donation of money, time, goods and services. 

WHO : Tracy Green: 021761 4326

WEB : 

Vision AfriKa

WHAT: Vision AfriKa is an organisation that supports youth (grade 9, 10, 11 and 12) from underserved communities in their process of personal growth and development. By participating in this programme, our facilitators and youth embark on a shared explorative journey of critical thinking, visionary dreaming, goal-setting, leadership development, academic improvement and active community citizenship. We are currently based in Kayamandi and Vlottenburg, which is part of the Greater Stellenbosch area. We assist round about 200 children.

NEED: Volunteering in programme components *Becoming a "buddy", journeying with a young person as they pursue their dreams. *Offering post-school internship and employment opportunities. *Financial assistance. *School subject tutoring at our learning centres. 

WHO : Gerrit Laning: 021 889 8774

WEB : 

PATCH/ Helderberg Child Abuse Centre

WHAT: PATCH, the Helderberg Child Abuse Centre in Western Cape, aims to support all child victims of sexual abuse in the Helderberg and strives to prevent the incidence of this horrific crime committed against innocent children. We believe that every child victim of sexual abuse is entitled to immediate crisis intervention, free professional therapy in his/her home language at a facility close to the child victim's home, and preparation for their court case. We assist about 500 children per year.

NEED: he public can assist PATCH by either making financial donations, volunteering their time to assist with fundraising projects, donating second hand clothing to our charity shop and most importantly by being aware of child sexual abuse as this crime is increasing each day and by being aware, you can ultimately prevent it from happening. 

WHO : Amanda Jone: 021 852 6110 


Pebbles Project

WHAT: We support the educational, physical, social and emotional development of children aged 0 - 18 years. We establish and run creches and after-school clubs, as well as working with parents and whole communities. We assist 650 children.

NEED: People can help Pebbles by: - making a donation - volunteering time or expertise - holding a fundraising event - donating goods that we need (educational supplies, children's bedding, clothing etc) 

WHO : Sophia Warner: 0724722797

WEB : 

People in need lend a helping Hand

WHAT: We supply families in the parowvalley area with foodparcels once a month,and we help shelters, schools,safehouses and children homes with a financial donation every 3months.

NEED: Please help by donating, food,clothes,bedding and linen, etc. Toys, teddys any bric a brac, or financial donations 

WHO : Marlize Nieuwenhuys: 0723915358

WEB : None 

Masekhane Recycle Swop Shop

WHAT: The children of Masekhane collect bottles, tins, plastics and other recyclables and bring them in bags to the White Shark ‘Swop Shop’. In return, they earn buying points that they ‘spend’ in the shop. The shop opens at two on Tuesday afternoons, but the children gather long before that, lining up to earn their points. Happy chatter fills the air as they wait their turn to trade in their points for something from the Swop Shop. They trade their points for school necessity's, clothes, toys, sweets, hygiene products, etc. The shop carries only worthwhile stock such as stationery, simple clothing, and food basics, and relies completely on donations. In this way, the children learn valuable lessons about caring for their environment: They learn that it’s important to recycle resources and at the same time, they learn to care for their environment by picking up litter. Not only does their village look nicer, but they also earn something through this care. Conservation, they see, has many values. 

NEED: Donations are always welcome and keeping the shop stocked is an on-going project in itself! The most popular items are calculators, felt pens, soap, face cloths, trousers, shorts, torches, pencil crayons, t-shirts, pens, pencils, warm jerseys, tooth brushes, tooth paste, notebooks, storybooks, and stuffed toys. If you would like to donate something that our children and their families could benefit from, please contact us. 

WHO : Charmaine Beukes: 0837284833

WEB : 

The Reading Workshop

WHAT: we assist children to read and help with reading problems. We assist young and old. Afrikaans or English. 

NEED: By donating books,deposit money,volunteer time in reading for others(just submit CV by email) and spreading the word that we assist everyone with reading prolems. We are in the process of being registered.

WHO : Monique: 0834634327

WEB : None 

Sisanda FunDaytion

WHAT: Sisanda FunDaytion is a volunteer-based non-profit organisation that makes a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children in South Africa by providing them with Fun Days and other recreational opportunities. We take children out on Fun Days to places of natural beauty in and around the Western Cape. Our mission is to make sure that all children can be children and have the chance to laugh, run, jump and play. By doing this we are creating a day full of opportunities for children to be inspired! What a difference a Day Makes! 

NEED: Sisanda FunDaytion provides life-changing experiences to volunteers. Our volunteers are from diverse backgrounds and they're of different ages and stages, but they have one thing in common: they love children and they love to have fun. Register to volunteer for our organization, volunteer for a Fun Day or start a Sisanda Circle which is a smaller group activity that runs on a continual basis. 

WHO : Leesa: 0836418150

WEB : 


Rainbow of Hope 

WHAT: We care for children at risk in a sleepover facility. We facilitate a Parent Empowerment Programme. We have a "Learn to Earn" skills training programme. 

NEED: People can help through Social Work, Psychology, Homework club, Aftercare, Art, Dance, Housework etc. 

WHO : Alison Alexander: 0215916610


Options Care Centre

WHAT: 4 Teen Parents Clubs 5 HIV Support Groups Education/Training Courses Pantry (baby, children's and adults clothing & emergency food support) Learn to Earn (supports existing clients) Abortion Recovery Groups and Counselling 50 Teen Moms in Clubs 27 single moms and 40 children Isipho, Ante-Natal Classes, Learn to Earn, Pantry support existing clients and their children 5 to 15 Knitting Together.

NEED: Financial support Food Materials eg, wool material, machinery Marketing of Projects Building Capacity of Councillors and Facilitators.

WHO : Elizabeth McKenzie: 044 8747414 /0728848017

WEB : 

Siyabonga Creations for Africa

WHAT: We give training in handstich bags, photo frames, kids chers, toys, bread, necklace, earings, shopping bags and lots more. the children does all the work with recycling material e.g wood, glass,steel, cans and clothing.

NEED: 1. With a building 2. Financialy 3. Volunteers 4. Support us with Computers 5. Food 7. We need Musical instruments 8. We need care takers.

WHO : Nancy van Neel: 0724179304

WEB : None

Carel du Toit Centre

WHAT: We are the only Centre in the WC which teaches deaf children to speak prior to grade R in a structured school environment,with the aim of placing them in mainstream schools for normal hearing children. Our deaf children range between the ages 0 - 10 years. Children are fitted with hearing aids and then they attend class on daily basis to learn natural spoken langauge. Our children do not sign they talk. We also have satellites in EL and Bloemfontein. 

NEED: Tell you family member who is having a baby to have her babies hearing tested at birth,tinned food, cereals, grass, leveling grounds,vehicle to transport children, funding for classroom, funding for operational cost. 

WHO : Valerie vd Merwe: 021 938 4427


Durbanville Children's Home

WHAT: The Durbanville Children’s Home has been a safe haven for vulnerable children for the past 129 years. During that time they have gained invaluable experience and an impeccable reputation of working with abused and abandoned children. The main focus of the home is the care, development and rehabilitation of emotionally traumatized children, and to re-unite these children with their families where possible. Social problems such as physiological problems, scholastic problems or refusal to go to school, behaviour problems and environmental influences that prohibit the child from reaching their full potential are addressed by assisting the child to come to terms with past trauma and helping them to develop into successful, mature individuals. The Durbanville Children’s Home affords children in need the opportunity to reach for their dreams and to believe in the possibility of a better tomorrow. 

NEED: We are calling on caring individuals and businesses to assist us by donating tracksuits, tekkies (sneakers), school shoes and bunker beds. In order to ensure that our children have 3 balanced meals a day we need financial donations and donation of food items. 

WHO : Johanna Strauss: 021 975 6822