You are welcome to contact any of our listed charities or causes should you want to help them! Please remember to tell us about what you will be doing, so that we can tell the world about it!


Just for Children

WHAT: Just Us 4 Children is a registered Non-Profitband Public Benefit Organisation based in Durban. The organisation consists solely of volunteers with the objective of - Identifying children who are the victims of any form of abuse whether intentional (sexual, physical, emotional and neglect) or unintentional (neglect). - Identifying and implementing support measures to alleviate the affects of abuse on a day to day basis and reduce the long term effects of abuse.We assist 3000 children. 

NEED: 1) Donating Pyjamas and warm clothing for the Pyjamas Please Project 

2) Assisting with feeding schemes (food donations) 3) Back to School project (Donation of old/new school shoes and stationery) 

4) Christmas Box Project (making sure that underprivileged children also receive a present at Christmas) 

5) Monetary Donations Pyjamas Please Project (Pyjamas, blankets and warm clothing are collected, made and bought for distribution to needy children throughout KZN who do not have warm clothing to see them through winter)

6) Back to School Project (Stationery Drive and School Shoes)

7) THE RIGHT TO BE UNHARMED Child Abuse Awareness Programme Just Us 4 Children implements a Child Abuse Awareness Programme, funding dependent, within schools severely affected by all forms of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional and neglect). Many children do not know what abuse is an accept it as a normal way of life. We provide the support system to enable children, parents and teachers to report abuse, receive support via counselling or abuse crisis management and ongoing support to reduce the effects of abuse on a child and/or family - Child Abuse Enquiries We also perform abuse enquiries in situations where a child is being abused by a parent or care-giver

WHO : Nicky Hardwick 0837886999

WEB : 

Red Light Anti Human Trafficking Initiative

WHAT: Red Light Fights Human Trafficking by providing free awarness workshops to schools and businesses. WRed Light works the streets of Durban to assist victims and sex workers. Red Light supports shelters harbouring victims with life skill training and basic needs. To find out more please visit our website  Our project assist 20 000 children to date.

NEED: Funding the Learner Lights Project Volunteering their time and expertise Purcahse a Justice Doll at R50 Purchase a bottle of Grace perfume.

WHO : Natalie Ogden: (031) 562 1961

WEB : 

South Coast Hospice Association

WHAT: South Coast Hospice Association has been in operation for the past 28 years and has since its modest beginnings on 23 June 1983, designed and established different programmes to best suit the needs of patients with HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Motor Neuron Disease, especially the psychosocial needs of orphaned and vulnerable children infected with and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. In-patient Unit : provides the community we serve with holistic, highly specialised care and support which includes pain and symptom control, family respite and complex end-of-life care. Integrated Community-based Home Care (ICHC) prog: was developed in response to the growing needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in the community. It offers patients the option of receiving care at home during their illness. Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Programme: comprising two specialised mobile Children’s Teams, offers psychosocial care and support to children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. South Coast Hospice’s Memory Box programme began in 2000 with the aim of developing resilience in the children with whom they work. HISTORY Program: Is a specialised team that reaches out to the local schools to educate and support the Youth 14-18 years in the prevention, manageability and latest information on Health and Wellness, including Hiv/AIDS, TB and Cancer Social Work Department: offers a comprehensive service which complements all the organisation’s programmes. Antiretroviral programme: a specialised team of caregivers and a registered nurse visit the patients who are on the ARV programme at Murchison Hospital, in their homes, to provide added support, and to follow up on defaulters 

NEED: South Coast Hospice is solely reliant on the kindness of its donors, to sustain its programs, so we are constantly in need of financial support and receive no funding from government. Any financial donations would be most welcome, but we also welcome donations of old/new clothes, bric n brak, furniture etc for our Hospice shop, where all proceeds raised goes back into our programs. We also welcome volunteers who wish to donate their time and help to South Coast Hospice. 

WHO : Samantha Podmore: 039 682 3031/ 082 698 2746 

WEB : 

Msinga Outreach Society

WHAT: The Msinga Outreach started roughly 30 years ago as a medical relief outreach. It has, since then, developed into a holistic outreach consisting of both medical and non-medical aspects. The Msinga Outreach Society is a Stellenbosch University Society, run completely by students from the Tygerberg Medical Campus. The outreach consists of a team of approximately 80 students; mostly students from Tygerberg campus, however, any students are welcome. This team then breaks down into smaller groups, and serves the Msinga community in various disciplines as explained later. The outreach takes place during the June/July holidays for a two week period of time. We also realise that we are only in Msinga for two weeks; therefore, we really aim to put a great deal of emphasis on continuity, sustainability and follow-up. We want to make sure that every project we undertake has a lasting, far reaching and measurable effect and that we are able to follow it up directly or through the local structures that are in place. With regards to children specifically, we have a creche daily where children from the community come to parttake in contructive activities focused on bringing fun to their lives as well as bettering their environment (they decorate their classroom). With older primary and younger high school children, we organise a winter school. This winter school focuses on aiding the teachers in the teaching of difficult subjects, as well as ensuring that their knowledge about these subjects are retained. At the winter school they also have discipleship and sport periods, as we support and promote healthy and well-balanced lifestyles. 

NEED: Financial donations will be greatly appreciated, however, any of the following donations will assist us in our cause as well: Blankets Old clothes Plastic grocery bags Paint (for buildings) Seeds for vegetable garden Old books in a good condition Craft material (paint, paintbrushes, coloured paper, etc) Face paint 

WHO : Christian van Rooyen: 0727353515



WHAT: Cotlands is a non-profit community development organisation that actively seeks to find solutions to real community problems. Our objective is primarily to intervene directly within communities to build capacity in caring for children. We provide health, education and psychosocial services. Our primary beneficiaries are orphaned and vulnerable children who, in many instances, have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. We are situated in Hlabisa.

NEED: We welcome donations in kind and any financial assistance you may offer. At this stage we are looking to build a toy library in Hlabisa. 

WHO : Lois Moodley: 011 683 7200 ext 235

WEB : 


WHAT: We work with orphaned and vulnerable children in the north of Durban, through 4 projects - Fairhavens Transition home for abandoned babies, two kitchens feeding hungry children, an Early Childhood Development Program, and a Life Skills Program supporting children in primary schools.  

NEED: Visit Fairhavens Babies Home at 127 Kensington Drive, Durban North to spend time with the children ( a gift of nappies or food would help) Sports shoes for children Panties for girls aged 6-16 - vulnerable girls CAN'T afford these - we need to HELP 

WHO : Mickey Wilkins: 031 5639605

WEB : 

Key of Hope 

WHAT: Through regular home visits, sports teams, and music programs, we are building solid long term relationships that open the door for us to provide food, clothing, education, and the life saving message of Hope in Jesus Christ. 

NEED: We are looking for a team of 6-12 people who will give 4 hours on a Saturday to prepare and serve a meal to the 500 children who attend our Kidz Klub each week. We would also like to supply 10-20 of our most needy families with a food parcel to take home on that day. We are open to other creative suggestions, so don't hesitate to reach out! 

WHO : Daniel Smither: 0711416400

WEB : 

I Care

WHAT: We work with children living on the streets of KZN and Gauteng building relationships of trust and working with them at our drop in centre. we then place them into a rehabilitation programme for 3 months where we deal with a number of issues including substance abuse, life skills etc. From there we determine whether the children are able to return to their families or whether they need to enter into a permanent child care facility. Our Social Worker with the child plots an individual child care plan for each child. 

NEED: People can help by donations of clothing, dried foods, school uniforms, toiletries etc. Funding for schooling, running of houses. Assisting older boys with skills and jobs 

WHO : Jenni-Lyn van Niekerk: 031 572 6870 



WHAT: We offer Free education at our Educare centres in 3 (75-4yr olds)locations, taking care of OVC's and the underprivileged kids who otherwise will not have a chance of attending kindergarten.Here we provide free meals, summer and winter uniforms, monthly food parcels to the families of these kids. We also feed 1456 pupils daily (Mon-Fri)breakfast meals. We provide 1200 loaves of bread a week to 3 schools in Osindisweni. We have veg/tunnel gardens in the squatter settlement of Madoni Tree, as a result of ensuring food security and sustainability/longevity of our projects. We provide character education in the form of Peer to Peer education in 3 secondary schools in the Phoenix area were pupils are equipped with skills/knowledge to make health-enhancing behaviour choices. 

NEED: Finances for the day to day running of the Edu-care centres including salaries of teachers, workers etc vehicle to transport donated items to their intended location. Resources: volunteers,funding and equipment for micro-development projects at informal and squatter settlements eg gardening equipment, sewing machines, etc. 

WHO : Mahendra Singh: 082 321 6349 / 031 566 4509


Makaphutu Childrens Village

WHAT: We love, care, provide, educate at vulnerable, orphaned and neglected children in a family environment.Ages ranging from 3 til 20years. In each cottage a house parent lives and cares for 8 children. A Preschool and creche is run from campus as well as an Early Development Training centre. SETA and FETA courses are also run from campus.We also feed children in community, about 9000 meals per month. 

NEED: Donations of any form is always appreciated, School sponsorship and involvment in mentoring programme is also needed. Assistance with homework during term times from 15h30 til 17h00. During holidays tutoring, computer skills and games assistance is needed. 

WHO : Nic Addison: 031 777 1239

WEB : 

Lionsraw South Africa

WHAT: Lionsraw is a charity that started in the UK and is a registered charity in the UK. Lionsraw SA was formed officially in November 2010 and we are still trying to apply for NPO status. During the World Cup in 2010, 150 soccer fans came from the UK to combine their passion for soccer with helping the community. During the 2 weeks they were in Durban they did 4 building projects in the Valley of 1000 Hills (changing rooms for a soccer pitch at a children’s home, a 4 bedroom house for a children’s home, 2 blocks of toilets at a school and 2 classrooms for a new school plus 7 soccer academies). After this finished it was decided that we wanted to form a South African arm of the charity so that we could continue our work. Our main focus for the next 2 years is to build a fully fledged school in Ehlanzeni near Inchanga for Grades R to Grade 7. Two classrooms were built in 2010 during the World Cup and recently a toilet block with flushing toilets was also established. We plan to build 6 more classrooms in the next 2 years and if possible kit the classrooms out. The school is in a very rural area with the nearest school being 6kms away up a very steep hill. We have started feeding all 175 children porridge every school day since February this year which has given us and the teacher’s great results in fighting the symptoms of HIV as well as making the children more alert and awake at school. We have also started a tooth brushing scheme where by the children were taught by a qualified dentist how to brush their teeth properly and were given toothbrushes and toothpaste. They now brush their teeth every school day after lunch and we continue to supply the toothpaste for them. In addition to this we support Sithembakuye Children’s Home on a monthly basis to help with food for the children as well as provide a Christmas Day meal and presents every year too. Last year we also gave 40 local Go-Go’s a Christmas Party too. We provide a Christmas Day meal and presents for the children at Sbusisiwe Children’s Home every year as well. 

NEED: Our next time frame for building at the school in Ehlanzeni is in August which unfortunately means we cannot use it as a possible project for this competition. However we could really do with education tools in the two classrooms we have started building in Ehlanzeni. This school currently houses 4 Grades, with Grade R learning in a roundhouse nearby as well as 3 grades sharing 2 classrooms. Educational posters, white boards and pens, shelving for storing books, tables/desks, chairs, stationery, reading and learning books would all be very helpful not just for these 2 classrooms but going forward as we build more. The windows in the current classrooms are coming loose so new window frames/panes would be greatly appreciated. The toilet block needs plastering and painting. The children come from an extremely cold area and because their families have very little they struggle to buy school uniforms let alone warm clothes for the children, therefore scarves, hats, gloves and warm jackets for 5-9 year olds would be welcomed. We have recently started a tooth brushing scheme as mentioned above, we could do with toothbrush holders as we are trying to keep toothbrushes separate so not to spread any diseases. Labels and writing on the toothbrushes have worked okay but holders for each child would be better! Please contact me (Ruth) on the details above if you would like to find out more. 

WHO : Ruth Duma: 0739229310

WEB : 

Ekhayalethu Care Centre 

WHAT: Provides orphans and vulnerable children with school uniforms,food parcels,clothing,educational materiels,also runs a youth skills development programme. We assist assists 60 children at Ngcolosi and 150 at Maphumulo branch[North Coast of Durban]

NEED: Financial assistance through our bank ACC: First National Bank. Holder: Ekhayalethu Care Centre ACC NO : 621 6048 3469 Branch Code :221-626 Pinetown. Donate clothing, School uniforms, Food Parcels, Sport materials, Building Materiels to build the centre, Fencing and any assistance is Welcomed.

WHO : Sbonelo BT Ngema: 082 4865 664

WEB : None  

Mega Smile Foundation

WHAT: We are young non profitable foundation helping our community in educating underprivileged youth with the basic fundamental platforms that one would learn growing up. Many children lack the foundation in building a life for themselves. We are looking to help these children emotionally with just sitting down with a child and listening to what his/hers life is all about and the ways we could improve that. Helping that child with basic tools and hardware to improve education levels, and providing any donated materials that could be any asset to a child’s life. Our main objective is to keep the children busy and off the streets. It’s a fact that when children are neglected or find things difficult at home they tend to go astray and end up taking cheap drugs to forget things, in this way the children have an “escape”, we aim atteaching these children new arts and crafts to enrich their creative education and have positive impact in their lives. 

Number of children the project assists Hundreds of orphans

NEED: By volunteereing their time and profession, to give children love and care. 

WHO : Akshi: 0720134324

WEB : 

Angels without Wings

WHAT: Angels without Wings offers assistence to families who have children with terminal illnesses or life altering conditions. Our main focus is on making it possible for children to receive the correct treatment / procedures regardless of their family's financial situation. We offer financial and emotional support. We assist about 39 aww children and about 40 in various hospitals.

NEED: Financially. Things such as toys, toiletries, blankets, teddy bears - sms AWW to 38008, sms costs R10 - Spreading the word.

WHO : Nadine Voyiatzakis: 0716036325


Greytown Children's Home

WHAT: Greytown Children's Home is an institution that provides holistic care for up to 150 disadvantaged children from all over KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Our children are our biggest asset and our aim is to afford them opportunities to –  heal the wrongs of the past,  change their lives for the better, and • develop them to become main stream citizens who will be financially independent and contribute towards the creation of wealth for all the people of our beloved country, South Africa. Greytown Children’s Home – the Home of happy children! W assist up to 150 children.

NEED: Financial(cash) and goods donations. We need clothing (over runs from factories is wonderful), food (preferably non-perishables), toiletries, single bed linen,towels, blankets, weatherproof jackets, white appliances and furniture Please contact 033 414 2133 for details. PBO and thus tax relief and BBBEE entities. 

WHO : Bert Nel: 033 413 2133

WEB : 

Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education

WHAT: CASME works with school going children to help improve the learning of mathematics and science. It does this both through the training of teachers and working directly with learners in afterschool, weekend and holiday programmes. Our charity assist up to 2000 children.

NEED: The project requires financial support for its activities which are implemented by a team of professional education specialists. Donations in kind could include resources to assist with the teaching of mathematics and science. 

WHO : Henre Benson: 0824405242

WEB : 


WHAT: We are a mini working farm where we grow vergetables, nuture children and build relationships between neighbours. We invite residents of Shakashead to enrol their toddelers at our free pre-school. In 2012 we registered 225 children. Then we called the unemployed residents, who want to contribute working hour at the centre, to take care of the huge crowd of children. These people then become working Kwa.Mama Members and are rewarded with tokens that are redeemde in our Token Shop. The token shop is stocked with recycled and new goods that are donated to Kwa.Mama. The system has created worthy daily purpose in the lives of 25 to 30 Working Kwa.Mama's for the last 2 years now. The whole system is fueld by recycling and only contributing memebers benefit. 

NEED: People can help by donating all their unwanted items of clothing, shoes, toys,books, kitchen odds and even odd and old bits of funiture. Larger items are sold on Token auction to the highest bidder. Our banking details are also available on the website, should you wish to assist financialy. 

WHO : Frieda Bontkowskyj: 0823191020

WEB : 

Smile Foundation

WHAT: We’re About Putting Smiles on the Faces of Children in South Africa! The Smile Foundation is a South African NGO that assists children with any type of facial abnormality, to receive free corrective Plastic and Reconstructive surgery within South Africa. We help children who suffer from treatable facial deformities such as Cleft Lip and Palate, burn victims, Moebius syndrome (facial paralysis) and other conditions. We are currently based in 7 Academic Hospitals around South Africa. We are investing in the medical teams we work with, through a Skills Development programme, and we assist the hospitals by purchasing equipment for use by the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. To date, we have changed almost 1000 lives. Our Chief Patron Nelson Mandela’s wish is for us to assist as many children around South Africa as possible. 

NEED: Get Involved! - Donate towards giving a child the gift of a smile today. - Refer a patient who needs assistance for a facial deformity - Volunteer your time at one of the hospitals we partner with around South Africa. 

WHO : Michelle Gerszt: 011 325 6480


The Seed of Hope

WHAT: Seed of Hope serves children and youth in the semi-rural area of Bhekulwandle, an area suffering from under resourced government educational facilities, and plagued by poor pass rates. Seed of Hopes After school programmes serve approximately 100 children a day, providing a safe area to play, promoting early literacy, socialization and healthy living. Each child receives a healthy snack as part of an holistic programme designed to timulatecreativity and build confidence in young minds. 

NEED: Teaching aids and assistance for running costs.  

WHO : Ryan Richardson: 031 903 1125

WEB : 

Durban Children's Home

WHAT: The Durban Children’s Home is a Non-Government Organisation. It was established in 1905 by a group of concerned men and women, who saw the need to provide substitute care to orphans, destitute children and children with parents who were unable to care for them. In the past, the organisation provided custodial care to these children. When this method of child care became outdated the organisation was challenged to adjust its programs in order to meet the requirements of the transformation welfare policy in South Africa. This has ensured that the children, youth and their families referred to our programme receive an effective, efficient and relevant service. We recognise the importance of early intervention, preventative work with children, youth and families, as well as family reunification. Programs with this focus ensure that families do not have to spend long periods in the welfare system, or in some cases do not have to enter the system at all. In order to meet this objective we have developed new, innovative programmes, which provide relevant services to the communities that we serve. The children who access our programs come from all over Kwa-Zulu Natal. High levels of unemployment, poverty, crime, domestic violence, substance abuse, sexual abuse and HIV/AIDS are experienced in our province which results in many children seeking access to the empowering programs our organisation offers. 

NEED: We welcome all volunteers and any donations. Volunteer examples: - Adopt A Room At Durban Children’s Home: - Help with homework supervision - Give extra maths, physics, English lessons - Volunteer time & skills in other areas. Contact us for more information. Donations: All income received by Durban Children’s Home goes towards caring and providing our young people with all their basic and therapeutic needs. I.e. school fees, school uniforms, food, water and electricity, birthday presents, toiletries, clothing, extra mural activities, therapies and all the other running costs of the organization. Donations can be made directly to the following bank account: Bank: Standard Bank Branch: Gale Place Branch: 042-526 Acc: 05 122 038 5 Acc Type: Current/Cheque Acc Name: Durban Children’s Home Kindly fax through your proof of deposit to 031-2021330 or alternatively email to For International deposits:- Swift number: SBZA ZAJJ Sponsor A Child: Our banking details appear above. Cheques can be made to Durban Children’s Homes. When making a deposit please include as a reference your name followed by the letters SAC and your email. All donations are tax deductable in terms of Section 30 of the Income Tax Act. Your support will make a big difference in our children’s lives. Stop orders are most welcome. 

WHO : Claire Binneman: +27(0)312011301 

WEB : 

SISCO (Street Shonaphansi Children Operation)

WHAT: SISCO is an organisation that has been supporting street children and youth in Durban since 2008. The non profit organisation runs programmes for street children and youth such as street cleaning programmes and obtaining IDs for them. SISCO also carries out regular outreach sessions - going out to the streets, bushes and drains of Durban in order to establish and maintain the essential relationship of trust that makes its objective of taking children out of street life possible. The organisation makes it its duty to work with those over the age of eighteen as well as children. Since Cyclone Irena on 4th March 2012 SISCO has been operating a facility in a vacant premises at 115 St George's Street. This has been a very successful development. The facility is used to provide food and shelter for street children and youth while SISCO works with them on an individual basis and as part of a network to provide life opportunities. During this period, eight street children have been reunited with their families, another eight have been moved to safer accommodation under the auspices of a recognised childcare organisation and others should be joining them in the near future. Around eight over eighteens are now in employment and live self sustainable lives due to the training and work experience offered by SISCO in the past. SISCO interacts closely with a number of organisations and especially public bodies, including the Municipality, the Mayor, Social Development and Social Welfare. They trust SISCO to help deal with their crisis of street children and youth. SISCO does not receive any financial or human resources support from these bodies. Running costs have been met through individual and one-off donations but that is not enough to sustain the facility or provide funding for food, gas and infrastructural requirements. None of the personnel at the facility have received any remuneration to date. 

NEED: The facility now faces closure and these children who are safe there overnight face eviction. SISCO is seeking funding for: purchase and refurbishment of the premises, the daily cost of food and regular bills such as cooking gas. Because it does not own the building it has been unable to restore electricity supply. However regular bills would have to be paid should SISCO be successful in securing funding to purchase the premises. 

WHO : Russel Machi: 0732946414

WEB : None 

Shepherd's Keep Home for Abandoned Babies

WHAT: Shepherd's Keep cares for orphaned and abandoned babies whether or not they are HIV positive. Some of these tiny babies have special needs like cerebral palsy, epilepsy, HIV and have suffered a lack of oxygen at birth, leaving them brain damaged. We are open 24 hours a day and our standards are impeccable. Each baby is cherished and restored to health where possible. When a baby is terminally ill, they are loved and comforted right until the end with individual nursing to alleviate as much pain and fear as possible. Each little baby is a precious gift and they fact that they survived their harsh entry into this world is a miracle and we work holistically to restore them mentally and physically. Individual nutritional and medical plans are drawn up for each baby and they are monitored closely. We work with social workers to match babies to suitable adoptive parents and have had so many happy and fruiful adoptions all over the world, from Canada to Denmark, Holland and Britain. We are entirely non-profit and rely on funding and donations to continue our work. Thank you for your support. 

NEED: We are always in need of people who are willing to raise funds for us. Many expenses occur on a daily basis like medication and foodstuffs. Donations of consumables are welcome and a list can be obtained from the e-mail address listed here. Our banking details for direct deposits are: ABSA Cheque account: 4053248415 Branch code: 632005 Please supply us with your e-mail address if you donate funds via the bank account, so that we can thank you and provide you with a SEction 18(a) Receipt for tax purposes and bless you for your help. 

WHO : Michelle Potgieter: 0845812453


iThemba Lethu

WHAT: iThemba Lethu was established in November 2000 to impact the lives of babies whose future was at risk of being negatively affected by HIV/AIDS. The Family Integration Programme facilitates the adoption of babies who have been orphaned or abandoned as a result of HIV/AIDS, into secure and loving families. The programme includes two transition homes that take care of the babies until suitable permanent families can be found. Babies are placed in our care by various welfare departments in and around Durban. We then find a permanent home for each child. The entire process of screening potential families and facilitating the placement, is carried out by our social worker - at no cost to the adoptive family. To date 75 babies have been transitioned into the care of permanent families through the programme. What a joy to know that each child is in a loving and secure home rather than in an orphanage or institution. 

NEED: Currently the greatest need is financial contributions towards the running costs of the transntion homes. In addition we rely on the support of volunteers who give of their valuable time to assist with childcare. 

WHO : Glenda Williams: 031 261 7723