WHAT: Helps 13000 children who report abuse against them every year. Most of them are girls between 8 and 12 who has been raped. 

NEED: Comfort packs for these children. These packs are packed and supplied to the SAPS Child Protection Unit in Ermelo, Middelburg, Witbank, Nelspruit, Piet Retief.

NEED : Create a child-friendly reporting room or full Child Friendly Facility  at the Child Protection Unit in Ermelo, Middelburg, Witbank, Nelspruit, Piet Retief. 

WHO : Monique Strydom 021 9319107
WEB : www.matlaabana.co.za

Angels without Wings

WHAT: Angels without Wings offers assistence to families who have children with terminal illnesses or life altering conditions. Our main focus is on making it possible for children to receive the correct treatment / procedures regardless of their family's financial situation. We offer financial and emotional support. We assist about 39 aww children and about 40 in various hospitals.

NEED: Financially. Things such as toys, toiletries, blankets, teddy bears - sms AWW to 38008, sms costs R10 - Spreading the word.

WHO : Nadine Voyiatzakis: 0716036325

WEB : www.deliveringhope.za.org 

Hope and Homes for Children SA 

WHAT: Assist communiies in distress; at the Witbank Project we are implementing initiatives to improve the lives of out of school youth, working with vulnerable primary school children by providing homework suport and lifeskill programmes, and Early Childhood services to the very young children. We work in partnership with corporate,civic and state bodies to provide support and skills to young adults in particular. 

NEED: We need people to help us providing for the needs of children and their families (household and physical needs; provision of school and sport uniforms; sporting equipment; skills training development of youth, apprenticeships and funds for start up costs for business initiatives eg car wash stands, vendor stands etc. 

WHO : Hemlata Morar: 0315732762 

WEB : www.hopeandhomes.org 

Umphumela Drop In Centre/ Library/HIV &AIDs

WHAT: Our vision for the next coming ten years is that we want to focus on building a better, healthier and prosperous community; from community to the nation that has responded effectively to HIV/AIDS and make sure that people take their treatment regularly. To give care and support for all young people affected or not by HIV/AIDS and other diseases like TB, etc. Our mission is to reach out to the community and teach the rest of our youth within the community about HIV / AIDS and other diseases that might take place in our community. To attend to orphans, vulnerable children and those who are hopeless and helpless by giving them hope and counselling. 

NEED: Can help us with building materials we need to build the home for our cleints where get the healthy and safe place. Vegetables to give them a healthy food we cant aford to buy them vegetable or help to grow them in any place where we can able to plant them. we also need money to buy stationery,cleaning utensils and to bought office administration equipment and transport as well. 

WHO : Mary Potwana: +27741644165 

WEB : http://facebook.com/umphumeladropincentre/  

WHERE : Embalenhle  

Childline Mpumalanga

WHAT: Childline Mpumalanga's mandate is to serve children in the Mpumalanga area where 65,2% of these children live in income poverty areas. The organization works with a mission to establish a culture of respect and to ensure a safe and stable future for all children. Childline provides a 24hour toll free counselling service to more than 13 000 children per month through the 08 000 55 555 number. Childline provides care and support to more than 15 000 orphaned and vulnerable children. One of the services that Childline provides to orphaned children is educational support on school attendance and school advancement. This includes the provision of after school care programs, homework support programs, the provision of material support such as stationary packs, school uniform and application for school fee exemptions. We assist 15 000 children.

NEED: Childline Mpumalanga aims to assist children in our Educational Support program to (a) attend school, and (b) to progress to the next level of school, and (c) to complete their school career. The provision of material support is of extreme importance to ensure that children remain in school. Community members can support this program by providing stationery items such as pens, books, pencil cases, etc. Basic school uniform is a desperate need: grey pants, white shirts, school shoes, etc. Suitcases, lunch-boxes and/or any other school related items will ensure that orphaned and vulnerable children have an equal opportunity to remain and progress in school. 

WHO : Sanette Mattheus: 013 752 2770

WEB : None 


You are welcome to contact any of our listed charities or causes should you want to help them! Please remember to tell us about what you will be doing, so that we can tell the world about it!

Nelspruit Community Forum
WHAT: We serve 240 meals per day to families.
NEED: Foodparcel ingredients
WHO : TJ Mare 0827726396
WEB : www.mlf.org.za
WHERE : Nelspruit

Elkana educational centre for children with extraordinary needs

WHAT: We educate 62 children from Witbank, between the ages of 6- and 18-years old, have a school catering for their specific needs due to the efforts of the staff and community around the Elkana Education Centre. The school has been in existence for the past 11 years.The care in training for the children, who are all mentally challenged, comes at a cost of R900 per month per child, but many of the parents simply cannot afford this as they are themselves illiterate and impoverished. The care in training for the children, who are all mentally challenged, comes at a cost of R900 per month per child, but many of the parents simply cannot afford this as they are themselves illiterate and impoverished. The care in training for the children, who are all mentally challenged, comes at a cost of R900 per month per child, but many of the parents simply cannot afford this as they are themselves illiterate and impoverished. 

NEED: Building materiels to build extra classrooms, Materiels to upgrade the existing kitchen, Sponsoring food for these children during breaks, assisting these children financially.

WHO : Karien Fourie: 079 909 3145

WEB : None 

Smile Foundation

WHAT: We’re About Putting Smiles on the Faces of Children in South Africa! The Smile Foundation is a South African NGO that assists children with any type of facial abnormality, to receive free corrective Plastic and Reconstructive surgery within South Africa. We help children who suffer from treatable facial deformities such as Cleft Lip and Palate, burn victims, Moebius syndrome (facial paralysis) and other conditions. We are currently based in 7 Academic Hospitals around South Africa. We are investing in the medical teams we work with, through a Skills Development programme, and we assist the hospitals by purchasing equipment for use by the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. To date, we have changed almost 1000 lives. Our Chief Patron Nelson Mandela’s wish is for us to assist as many children around South Africa as possible. 

NEED: Get Involved! - Donate towards giving a child the gift of a smile today. - Refer a patient who needs assistance for a facial deformity - Volunteer your time at one of the hospitals we partner with around South Africa. 

WHO : Michelle Gerszt: 011 325 6480

WEB : www.smilefoundation.co.za

Dasha Foundation for Children with Dissabilities

WHAT: Dasha Foundation is a school and stimulation centre for special needs. The children have varying disabilities, such Down's syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and children on the Autism Spectrum. Our main focus is on life skills and crafts, which will assist the child as they develop into adulthood and enable them to attain a certain level of independence. We have a waiting list and additional premises are needed. We also wish to expand our sewing and needlework section as well as staring a woodwork section. 

NEED: Donations of equipment (such as sewing machines, woodwork equipment), art supplies, wool, and groceries. Or giving up their time by assisting the children with learning the necessary skills in woodwork and handwork. 

WHO : Shirley Parsons: 0137414039 

WEB : None 

children of the dawn

WHAT: We care for the orphans and vulnerable children of 7 to 18 years old. make sure the kids have balanced food daily and go to school with the necessary support and many more adventures to build the child by exploring more with opportunities. 

NEED: 1. finacial support of R250 per month 2. giving suport of clothes and penpal with them 3. giving donation to the bursary educational trust.

WHO : Magali 072 4280939 

WEB : www.childrenofthedawn.org.za