You are welcome to contact any of our listed charities or causes should you want to help them! Please remember to tell us about what you will be doing, so that we can tell the world about it!

WHAT: Helps 13000 children who report abuse against them every year. Most of them are girls between 8 and 12 who has been raped.
NEED: Goods for comfort packs for these children (deodorant, teddy bears, face cloth, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cup-a-soup, panties (girls ages 4 - 12), notebook, pen, colouring book, crayons, juice, crisps, energy bar, packet of tissues, sanitary towels)
NEED : Wendy House for child-friendly trauma room at the Child Protection Unit in Pretoria. 

WHO : Lizel Van Eeded 011 787 6742

Long term place of safety where children is placed who have been removed from unsafe homes. 
NEED: W We build extra rooms for the kids on the existing house. We need to get the house painted and do the final things in order to get the rooms ready for the kids. we need a bigger vehicle to transport all the kids. 
WHO : Susan Putter  Tel : 082 958 7660

Popcorn Kidz

 WHAT: Provide early intervention tutoring for children with intellectual challenges resulting in developmental delays e.g. the autism spectrum, Down syndrome etc. 
NEED: People with the heart and the interest, to be trained in a special needs programme, and to provide one-one tutoring too these kids
WHO : Roche Snyman  084 400 1647

Bethany Pregnancy Crisis Care Centre

WHAT: We reach out to girls/women that have an unplanned pregnancy, preg testing and sonar, sharing all the options to help them make an informative choice, those that went through sexual molestation, rape,abortion and miscarriage we do long term counseling to help them find hope, Trauma counseling for children & adults. All these services we do are done confidentially and for free 

NEED: Help with a fundraiser for the Center. 

WHO: Sharon van Ellewee: 082 322 5801

WEB :  

Abused and Abandoned Kids Educational Excursions

WHAT: Founded in 2004, Abused and Abandoned Kids Educational Excursions (better known as AAAKEE) is a South African Public Benefit Organisation, incorporated under Section 21. We provide educational excursions around South Africa for various foundations occupied by children who are disadvantaged, having been abused and abandoned - lost. These excursions, as much as they may be educational, are also intended to enrich these childrens' lives with fun, entertainment, and excitement - a core value in the life of any child. Using this strategy, these children can learn common principles, and have fun at the same time. Apart from the educational and enjoyable excursions, we also have several sponsors funding food, toys, and clothing. In many cases, these children, amongst millions of others in South Africa, have not ever felt the privilege of such benefits which are provided at excursions and visits to homes, as well as at our seasonal events.

NEED: Donors can assist by contributing funding directly to our organisation, or by making product donations that will go to the homes our organisation supports on a regular basis. All relevant certification and documentation will be delivered to donors for tax and BEE purposes.

WHO: Yvette G Julius - Office Line: (011) 614-1247 



Chance Children's Home

WHAT: To provide accommodation for 90 children who have been physically, sexually, emotionally abused, abandoned and HIV positive. Assist in the re-unification of child and family where possible to promote foster care and adoption instead of placing the children deeper into the system 

NEED: By donating food, clothes, toys, money,love and their time. 

WHO : Trudy Howell: 0837527478




Jakaranda Children's Home Cycling Development Project

WHAT: The Jakaranda Children’s Home is a non-profit organizations (NPO) that looks after the welfare of abused children. These children are removed from their parents and placed in our care by the South African children's court due to: abandonment, neglect, emotional and physical abuse. The Jakaranda Children’s Homes strive to dismiss the developmental hindrances that the children we care for have experienced and to introduce them to a wide range of opportunities, to develop theirs skills and aid them in reaching their full potential. This will enable the children to act as responsible adults when they leave their homes. The Children’s Homes work from a developmental and educational perspective in everything that is done. The children is submitted to several different therapeutic and rehabilitation programmes, helping them to cope with their different emotional baggage and also giving them a firm foundation on which they can build a new and stable future. The purpose of the programme is to care for, educate and develop 250 children, referred to us by the South African Children’s Court in a way that they can experience a quality, safe and dignified life and will be ready to be part of the adult community. 

NEED: We are always looking for people to get involved in this project. Any financial contribution, cycling equipment or clothing is always appreciated Donations towards this project will help: • Buy new cycling equipment • Compete in competitions • Experience the joy of Cycling • Find responsibility for themselves, their bikes, and the environment. • Healthy lifestyleand to be proud of what they can achieve.

WHO : Elizma Mouton: 012 800 4700 / 073 844 2335


Angels without Wings

WHAT: Angels without Wings offers assistence to families who have children with terminal illnesses or life altering conditions. Our main focus is on making it possible for children to receive the correct treatment / procedures regardless of their family's financial situation. We offer financial and emotional support. We assist about 39 aww children and about 40 in various hospitals.

NEED: Financially. Things such as toys, toiletries, blankets, teddy bears - sms AWW to 38008, sms costs R10 - Spreading the word.

WHO : Nadine Voyiatzakis: 0716036325

WEB : 

Amadea Safe House

 WHAT: This is a safe house for abandoned, negleted, abused, disabled and Hiv/Aids infected or affected children. 0 - 12 years. Amadea Safe House true to its aim of providing a safe and loving Christian environment in which children can develop into well-balanced adults. The focus of service delivery is children in need. Abandoned, neglected, abused (sexually, emotionally and physically) disabled and HIV / AIDS affected/infected children who are placed in our care by the Juvenile Court’s until their cases has been finalized. We work closely together with all the social welfare organizations and SAPD in Pretoria and surrounding areas. Amadea The house is situated on a small holding and is being used as a facility accommodating children full time in a loving Christian family environment.We provide them with the necessary guidance, and therapy to reach their full potential. 

NEED: Donating items on wish list. Assisting financially. Help with renovation of home. Therapists (occupational, speech etc) playground upgrade. Laundry room. Donations are always welcome for children's winter clothes, pj's and gowns. Shoes, Nappies s, m, l, xl -Milk Formula ( Nan HA 1 & 2 and Lactogen 1 & 2)food, and cleaning materials. We also need a sponsor for a bigger vehicle to transport all the children.We need a laundry room to be added (build) to the existing home. Financial assistance for daily overheads ( therapists, medical,etc. We have started a income generating project where we make craft articles to sell to generate an income and would appreciate any donations of wool, material, paper etc that can be used for the project. To donate R15 SMS AMADEA to 36225 

WHO : Rina Malan: 0829559830



WHAT: We take care of the children in a day care centre, we also give out stationary, clothes to the needy at the neibouring schools and we also give out food to the needy children and adults while we encourage children to learn.we get jobs for orphans to can help their familly. We assist up to 300 children. We are located in lulekani in Phalaborwa.

NEED: we need a borehole and electricity and a house where we can start an orphanage becouse we have 28 beds and all the equipments needed but we lack a proper house to store them. we need a borehole becouse we stragle with water and electricity as we have old weman willing to sew for the children. 

WHO : Gloria Khoza: 0729201004 

WEB : 

Home-Start South Africa

WHAT: Home-Start offers emotional support and practical guidance to parents with young children - at least one child in the family should be under the age of 7 years. Home-Start also offers a Holiday programme for children and a Bereavement programme for HIV orphans that have lost one or both of their parents. Home-Start also hosts a "Toy Library" and offers play therapy/ counselling and assessments to children with educational, behavioural or emotional concerns. 

NEED: People could volunteer their time and expertise. Donations of food, toys and clothing are always welcome as well as monetary donations so that we can continue our projects. 

WHO : Erica Strydom: 011 845 1116

WEB : 

Thusong Youth Centre 

WHAT: Thusong Youth Centre was established in 1979 and it was registered (Reg. No.006-155 ) as a non profitable organisation by the Department of Gauteng Welfare. It is based in Alexandra Township in JHB no.138-11th Avenue. Thusong Youth Centre is involved in a number of community projects including: Training and skills development in a number of fields including sewing, computer skills, public speaking and visual arts; Kung-fu and Karate classes, gymnastics, trampoline and aerobics; Recording Studio; Counselling and rehabilitation of paroled convicts; Active Learning Toy Library; Drama, dancing and music and other performing arts; Additional mathematics lessons for Grade 8-12 . Feeding Scheme . HIV/AIDS counselling . orphans /vulnerable Children. We assist 600 children.

NEED: We would be appreciate it if people could help with food for the Feeding scheme .blankets, warm clothes, even second hand clothing, non-perishable items, .machines for sewing classes . money for arts day, educational trips, Soup Kitch. . Toys for the toy Libray . gym items for the aerobics classes. . transport vehicle . laptop and digital camera . a printer with scanner.

WHO : Chris Ndlovu: 072 339 5212

WEB : None 

The Fold, SA Children's Home

WHAT: Provides a home, love, food, education for orphans and vulnerable children. We currently assist 7 children in the Bulge river area, but have room for 9 more.

NEED: Volunteer time, donate money, donate household items.

WHO : Micky Prince: 0849676022

WEB : 


Jumpstart Youth Camp

WHAT: Presenting life changing camps for the past 10 years to children from all walks of life. More than 8000 children have attended these camps. Life skills taught include relationships, who am I? Parents, sibling rivalry, teachers, peer pressure, coping skills in the 21st century, religion. We have been inundated by requests from childrens' homes; places of safety and special needs schools who urgently want to send their children on these successful camps allowing their children the "jumpstart" in life. 

NEED: Radio Rippel 90.5 needs 150 families to sponsor 1 needy child at R800 before 25 June 2012 as the next camp is from 1 - 4 July 2012. This includes transportation, camp fees, toiletries and food. 

WHO : Dr Rodney Seale: 012 349 2574

WEB : 

Harvest Aid 

WHAT: Harvest Aid cares for orphaned and vulnerable children in their communities. We supply weekly food parcels as well as clothes, blankets and school necessities. We also assist various school feeding programs. 

NEED: Harvest Aid is in constant need of non-perishable foods. People can help by going to our web site and donate food through the "Virtual Bucket" project. It is easy and takes the minimum time to make a huge difference. 

WHO : Saretha Sandham: 0119551814

WEB : 


WHAT: Cotlands is a non-profit community development organisation that actively seeks to find solutions to real community problems. Our objective is primarily to intervene directly within communities to build capacity in caring for children. We provide health, education and psychosocial services. Our primary beneficiaries are orphaned and vulnerable children who, in many instances, have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. 

NEED: We are in need of a vehicle but also welcome any financial assistance and donations in kind (especially nappies, food parcels and children’s clothing) 

WHO : Lois Moodley: 011 683 7200 ext 235


Utho Ngathi Projects

WHAT: Utho Ngathi Projects has a comprehensive "Road to Changes" program, which focuses on 6 different areas to effectively address the dire challenges faced by thousands of severely disabled children living in extremely, impoverished rural areas, in the Eastern Cape, (27km outside Umtata), North West province, Gauteng and Zambia. 

NEED: I believe with more public awareness, education and continuous financial support, Utho Ngathi Projects can be even more effective in the lives of the handicapped and disabled children they work with on a daily basis! Unfortunately due to ignorance and the extreme, remote locations of the areas they work in and the fact that the parents of these disabled children are extremely poor, they do not have the means to get help and in most cases do not know how to get help or assistance! (And in some cases that their is even help available!) This is where Utho Ngathi has stepped in and made an enormous impact already! Utho Ngathi use various ways in performing this much needed and very worthy function: Their programme consists of 6 cornerstone elements: Research, Awareness Campaigns, Home Based Care, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), Sponsorships, Sustainable Economic Development. I found it quite sad that it took 2 foreigners, Andreas Woerster from Germany and Masauso Phiri from Zambia to start this organisation in 2005 to bring hope, comfort, and new beginnings and to paint a smile on a paralized child's face for the 1st time in his life, who has been left lying around in the dirt, mud and soil for literally years and after receiving a wheelchair now has the freedom of movement! Obviously funding remains the most crucial and difficult aspect for any non profit organisation in SA and Utho Ngathi is no exception to the rule! With this brilliant concept by Roman's Pizza Double Up Challenge "Wipe that smile on your face" Roman's could play a vital role in partnering with Utho Ngathi Projects to spread more joy, much needed help, support and care wider and further in our country! The Zulu expression of Utho Ngathi embodies the concept that "we are of value to each other!" 

WHO : Andreas Woerster: 083 347 2988

WEB : 

Youth Against HIV/AIDS and Poverty

WHAT: We are the youth organizations that focusing on social behaviors change towards HIV/AIDS and Poverty. The organization supports and cares for people infected and affected by the epidemic especial youth, Children and the granny’s that care for orphan and vulnerable children. We also empower youth with life skills that will create opportunities for them. We have motivational sessions that give you strength to strength seeing ability and your capabilities. We insure that our community has full assessment of health and social services and resources are mobilized. 1. Strengthen the capacity of families to care for OVC 2. Mobilize community-based responses for care, support, and protection of OVC 3. Ensure that legislation, policy, and programmes are in place to protect the most vulnerable children 4. Ensure access to essential services for OVC 5. Increase awareness and advocacy regarding OVC issues 6. Engage the business community to support OVC actively In recent years, political will and donor support have intensified South Africa’s response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the growing numbers of OVC. The South African government instituted guidelines and dedicated resources to create and promote a supportive environment in which OVC are holistically cared for, supported, and protected to grow and develop to their full potential. Government policies and services also care for the needs of vulnerable children more broadly through such efforts as the provision of free health care for children under age five, free primary school education and social grants for guardians. 

NEED: People can help the organization by providing food parcel, clothes, buy school uniforms, stationary, blankets, training for Volunteers, traveling allowance and office equipment. 

WHO : Thokozani Sihlali: 0731601901

WEB : 

Thusanani Childrens Foundation

WHAT: Thusanani Childrens Foundation is a registered NPO (NPO 047028) working to address the developmental needs of babies and young children aged 0-6 years who are abandoned or orphaned and living in child care centers. These children are often either affected or infected by HIV. Through training of care givers in the homes and provision of therapy we aim to support these children in achieving their developmental milestones in order to be eligible for adoption and be prepared for preschool and formal schooling. Our core activities include: - Provision of developmental assessments and reports for babies and young children who are eligible for adoption - Training for care workers working in child care centers on normal development, play and stimulation - provision of therapy in the homes to prevent developmental delay and /or future disability - Training of community based care workers on normal development, play and how to make educational toys from waste materials. - collection and distribution of donations of educational toys and clothing.

NEED: We require funding in order to employ additional therapists, both occupational and speech therapists. This would enable us to reach more child care centers and ultimately more babies and young children. Currently we are a team of occupational therapists and are hoping to employ a speech therapist to join our team. Language delay is common in these children and some babies experience early feeding difficulties. We also act as a collection and distribution point for second hand educational toys and clothing for young children. Donations of these items will be distributed to needy environments. 

WHO : Caroline Rose: 011 484 3128

WEB : 

Jo'burg Child Welfare 

WHAT: Jo’burg Child Welfare (JCW) is a non-profit organisation (NPO) founded in 1909. We provide a range of direct services to abused, abandoned, neglected, orphaned and vulnerable children (including those who are infected or have been affected by HIV and AIDS) in the Greater Johannesburg area of South Africa. We take pride in the fact that we are one of the oldest NPOs in South Africa. We recently celebrated 100 years of service to children in need, their families and the wider community. Our work in the year under review has remained focused on our core mission – that of being a protector of, and advocate for, the safety, security and beneficial development of needy and vulnerable children. 

NEED: Become a Regular monthly debit order an EFT directly into our account Join the national "My School"programme and nominate Jo'burg Child Welfare as the beneficiary Keep a collection tin in your home or office and return it to us once it is full Round up people at your place of employment and collectively donate to us Donate second hand goods, unused household items or non-perishable food items Volunteer your services at any of our facilities! 

WHO : Belinda Abraham: 0112988566


Children of the Dawn

WHAT: Children of the Dawn was set up in May 2002 to support and strengthen rural community initiatives which focus on caring for HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in rural South Africa. Children of the Dawn’s goal is to give back a future to these affected children.

NEED: By sponsoring R240 a month a person can help create a new Dawn for a child. Also we do accept any donation in the form of clothing/toys (not battery operated toys) and no food. 

WHO : Mrs Magali Malherbe: 072 428 0939

WEB : 

Emthonjeni Wokuphila Community Development Center

WHAT: Services Provided By EWCDC: EWCDC provides support services of orphans and vulnerable children in the following ways: 1. Community after-care centres for orphans and vulnerable children 2. Foster homes for orphans and vulnerable children 3. Youth centres for the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and educational development of the community’s youth 4. Places of safety for the elderly and infirm The care centre at Sun City has been our focus and base of operation for the past five years. It is a place of refuge and care to the 80 to 110 children at the facility and offers them a second chance in life. Whilst the children continue to live within their own community (perhaps in the house of parents that passed away, or with a grandmother, or in child-headed household), it is the people and activities at the day-care centre that provide a new spiritual, material, and social support structure on which they can depend. We become their champions, their protectors, their counsellors, their trainers, and their providers. The care, support, and development activities provided for the children at the OVC centre seven days a week includes: • Nutrition (2 meals a day) • Basic healthcare • Social support services • Spiritual care and counselling • Physical and crafts activities • Arts, culture, and sport activities • Educational tutoring and career skills development Our staff also walk about the community to ascertain new orphans and vulnerable children in need, to update the status and condition of existing OVC on the centre’s list, to do trouble-shooting if there is neglect or abuse, and to encourage and coach foster parents in caring for the children. 

NEED: Needs and Opportunities We are urgently seeking additional donors to support Emthonjeni Wokuphila Community Development Centre. We are looking to partner with businesses, local churches, other non-profit organisations, and other interested community groups or organizations to become actively involved in this ministry opportunity. Please consider supporting us in one or more of the following areas: • Financial support as a sponsor on a regular basis • Material support (clothes, food, educational aids) • Support with establishing and building effective development programmes, as well as educational support to the children (preschool, primary school and high school) • Support with career development and employment opportunities for young people • Support with the maintenance and expansion of the facilities, equipment and educational aid material at the centre. These needs present a unique and meaningful opportunity for exercising compassion all who have been richly blessed with gifts of knowledge, skill and resources, to become conduits for God’s grace and mercy to flow to children in need and their communities in a practical and personal way. 

WHO : Daniel Mahlangu 0823499920 

WEB : None  

WHAT: Kids Haven (Benoni) looks after 180 ex-street children and children at risk between the ages of 6 and 18;  providing counseling for the trauma they endured on  the streets and in dysfunctional homes; sending the kids to school and involving them in sport; and finally helping children to reconnect with families and host families so that they can live in their communities again.   

NEED: Please help us with clothing for children especially boys between 11 and 15 - long pants are urgently needed. We also need bicycle helmets so that our kids can ride bikes safely - we had a lovely donation of bikes but need the helmets for safety. 

WHO : Susan Daly 083 442 7717

WEB :  

Tsenang Homes of Safety 

NEED: For the children, Clothes ( winter clothes, socks, underwear), Shoes, Blankets, Books and Toys, Canned food, Nappies, Formula Milk (Nan/Pelargon ) 

NEED : For the charity shop, Tables and Chairs, 

Plants for the garden (flowers, shrubs, trees etc), Pots to plant some flowers etc. for the garden Playground Equipment, Book cases Paint 

NEED : For the organization: A vehicle, Sponsor for design and printing of brochures on safety. Sponsor for design and printing of brochures for our travel club project 

Money -  We would like to start a project to educate adults and children on safety (in and around the house, safe candle project etc ). We also need money to open a new place of safety in Pretoria – money to pay salaries, rent, food, electricity etc. We would also like to appoint another social worker. 

WHO : Machel Streicher  0793249531 

WEB :  

Footprint Ministries

WHAT: we provide shelter and councelling for abused children and women. we provide food for the homeless families and church-services for the homeless. We provide food, clothing and councelling. We are a healing ministry 

NEED: Provide with old clothes, food,toiletries and for the needy children. We need monetory donations as well

WHO : Elsa Struwig: 0829789117

WEB : 

Little Eden

WHAT: LITTLE EDEN is a Home to children and adult with profound intellectual disabilities. We assist 300 children.

NEED: the majority of our residents were previously abandoned and some come from disadvantaged families. we need all the help we can get e.g financial donations and donations in kind. 

WHO: Nichollette Zulu: 011 609 7246

WEB : 

The Cradle of Hope

WHAT: We are a charity focusing on the plight of vulnerable and abused women and children in desperate need. We have a Safe House that can accommodate up to 33 persons at any given time, and we have established and run various creche-projects and feeding schemes in squatter camps and rural areas. At the moment we are assisting with the provision of food to almost 700 children every day. We assists 671 children on a daily basis.

NEED: We are always in desperate need of any donations in the form of much needed funds, clothing (women, children and babies), baby products, food, books, old toys, etc. We also welcome the assistance of committed and dedicated volunteers. 

WHO : Melodie van Brakel: 0824595747

WEB : 

Golang Education Outreach

WHAT: We have a preschool and aftercare centre for children from the Zandspruit Informal Settlement providing food, activities and tutoring for all the children. We also employ 18 staff members from Zandspruit. We assiste 300 children in this project.

NEED: Food parcels Toys Books Sponsor a child at R300 per month.

WHO : Eunice Hlatswayo: 0829077935

WEB : 


WHAT: Funanani cares for vulnerable children, through a Family Support programme, Early Childhood Development Centre and through a outreach programme in schools. We assist 700 children.

NEED: People can give of their time as volunteers, donate secondhand goods like clothes, furniture and non-perishable food or financial assistance. 

WHO : Elmien Claassens: 0823383963 / 012 845 8367

WEB : 

Presideent Kruger Children's Homes

WHAT: President Kruger Children’s Homes is registered non-profit organizations which focus on providing essential care to children in need. We care for children that have been through traumatic experiences and provide a home with a stable environment in which they can grow to their full potential. We have two children’s homes, one located in Gauteng, Pretoria, and one located in the Free State in a town called Reddersburg. Our children are placed with us through a court order of which 90 % comes from a background of molestation, abuse and poverty. Both homes are registered to keep 63 children each and the ages of our children ranges from 2 to 18 years. We also have a program for our children after 18 which include tertiary education as well as placing children within a suitable work environment. 

NEED: Get Involved: There are various ways to get involved with our Homes whether it be financially or merely by contributing your skills or personal time. Your involvement helps us to ensure that our children grow to their full potential. If you would like to get involved financially you are more than welcome to make a contribution. If you would like to provide in our daily necessities please have a look at our needs list on our website. If you would like to offer your personal and professional time and services to tend to our children’s spiritual and educational needs or merely would like to become a holiday parent please contact us or drop by for a visit. If you would like to get involved in some of our projects please have a look at our projects on our website. 

WHO : Retha vd Merwe: 0837520930

WEB : 

Tshwane Place of Safety Association

WHAT: Tshwane Place of Safety Association provides ABANDONED, ABUSED, TRAUMATIZED, ORPHANED, SICK & HIV+ BABIES AND TODDLERS with wonderful parents and special homes where an abundance of emotional, physical and spiritual care is given in a relaxed home environment to ensure that every child has the opportunity to grow to his or her full potential. follow us on facebook 

NEED: We have a lot of crisis children that need medical help. For example Baby F. She was born with Tetra-Amelia syndrome and has no limbs. She has a short stump where her right arm was suppose to be. Baby F is in need of a prosthesis. This is just one of the doses of babies and children that come into our system that needs medical help. Below is a short summary of our medical needs. Tonsillectomy R 3 000/m Occupational Therapists R 2 700/m Speech Therapists R 1 000/m Dental R 5 500/m Sonars/X-Rays R 900/m Paediatricians R 1 200/m Specialist Doctors R 1 500/m Orthopaedic Operations R 2 200/m Specialised Apparatus R 8 300/m A lot of the times these children can’t have the necessary medical help they need due to a lack of finances and have to wait for weeks, months or even years before the required funding could be secured. 

WHO : Almie Goosen: 0829215365

WEB : 


WHAT: We addresses socio-economic challenges of orphans and vulnerable children through the school child support programme. Children are provided with a variety of services after school including food, economic projects to generate income to buy uniformss,academic support, computer literacy,life skills sesions, debates, leadership and involve them in sports and cultural activities. We assist 778 Orphans and vulnerable children. We are located in Tzaneen.

NEED: People/ companies can help with resources such as clothes, uniforms, food, computers, academic(school)learning equipment, sports equipment and uniform.

WHO : Rodrick Vuxika Mhlongo: 015 303 0383

WEB : 

DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanange

WHAT: The mission of Daktari is to educate underprivileged children to care for the environment through the medium of a wildlife orphanage. Every Monday we welcome a new group of 8 to 10 local underprivileged children for a week and give them the opportunity to discover, learn and become passionate about wildlife and conservation, their heritage. We also supplement their school curriculum in English, maths, environmental job opportunities, life skills and social issues. Our goal is to enable today’s local underprivileged children to eventually be able to secure good employment in nature reserves, thereby improving their future quality of life. We assist about 500 children per year. We are situated in Hoedspruit.

NEED: People can help us by donating money or goods such as food, linen, paint, material to build animal camps, stationery, solar energy equipment, garden equipment, wildlife books. 

WHO : Michele Merrifield: 0826562969 

WEB : 

Berg-en-Dal Pregnancy Crisis Centre

WHAT: For the past 50 years Berg-en-Dal Pregnancy Crisis Centre has addressed the needs of destitute women and unborn babies on account of unplanned pregnancies. We offer a comprehensive program to help and empower pregnant women and girls between the ages of 12 and 40 years to achieve a positive outcome from their situation. The resulting life crisis and victimisation from an unexpected pregnancy often falls solely on the pregnant woman. Berg-en-Dal offers support and viable adoption services that help the young women, their nect of kin and their babies during this life crisis by addressing some pertinent issues such as: providing support through community based care fro women and babies, as well as those affected by HIV/AIDS, Delivering programmes that empower women to make informed decisions, Rebuilding family and community social relations, Reducing maternal morality. 

NEED: Berg-en-Dal does not receive funding from the Department of Health and Social Development. As the majority of the women who are accommodated at our facilities are not able to fund their stay, we depend on funding from outside sources: Donor funding, which is used to cover the facility's running costs; Friends of Berg-en-Dal Pregnancy Crisis Centre; The Adoptive parents Association; The internal marketing department, which assists with fundraising initiatives. Please consider our call for funding and for your ongoing support. it is only with our help that we can make a difference. Please contact us for more information about how you can become involved. 

WHO : Elzane van der Merwe: 012 800 4700 / 073 844 8511

WEB : 

alba creative arts performance

WHAT: We render after school programmes to the youth and children through arts and culture activities,carrer guidance and life skills workshops.

NEED: We need donations in school stationery, bursaries,catering, rehearsal equipments, performance costumes,transportation and administrative costs.

WHO : Albert Zitha: 078 682 0297

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Joint Education Project

WHAT: Joint Education Project is a NGO which was established in 1994 by young people to uplift the standard of living of the people in community.JEP is based in Limpopo Province operating from Seshego Industrial Site, Zone 6, LimDev Building.JEP is an approved exempt public benefit organization and Section 18A Approval and any donation made are exempt from donation tax JEP’s main activities are education, training and Capacity Building, social mobilization JEP is focused mainly in the following programmes. JEP PROGRAMMES HIV/AIDS - Awareness and counseling encourage support groups Training - care givers in HIV/AIDS and Social Mobilization against stigmas • Awareness on PMTC and One Love Campaign(one relationship) • Raise awareness to the traditional doctors regarding to HIV/AIDS • Training the ECD practioners as trainers and counselors to train other ECD educators about HIV/AIDS • HIV/AIDS Prevention and treatment • Community dialogues and conversations on HIV/AIDS and other issues affecting the community. Food Parcels: Distibuting food to the needy people,pre schools and community home based care, churches making sure that the needy and orphans go to school with full stomach. Alleviate hunger the districts and province we are working in. Peer Education - promotion of healthy life style in schools targeting grade 10-12 learners, promoting behavior changes in schools in conducting training for selected team leaders and champions to implement the programme back to the other learners (train the trainer), Parenting skill training, OVC- Orphans & Vulnerable Children and Most left out (aged, disabled and the abused ones), The schools are nodes of care.JEP utilize life skills as a safety-net for orphans and vulnerable Children, Identify OVC together with the Champions, leaders trained and refer Orphans and Vulnerable Children and aged people including disabled to relevant organization in the community for assistance e.g. application of birth certificates, grant applications and clothing and uniform for school and homework in the afternoon, Aged people are identified in the communities given assistance; care givers assist them in washing clothes for them and cook for those who do not have somebody to look after., Facilitate resources to meet the need of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in a school setting, Read and write project, JEP offer Abet classes for the community teaching those who can`t read and write to read and write and the programme is also integrated with the HIV/AIDS and ECD educational project., Encourage each ECD and Schools to join hands in helping the most left out, Encourage the Community to start the Care centre’s in making sure the need of the most left out is cared for, Career guidance and advocacy programmes partnership with NSFAS. Provide access to information and proper career guidance in rural areas. Assist Learners who want assistance in Math’s and Science, weekend classes and holiday classes offered. Assist them how to apply for the bursaries e.t.c, Food Gardens-the aim of the project is at school level, which is an essential requirement for any child’s physical psychological and educational development. We train team leaders who will be able to grow vegetables for the needy and most left out children’s in schools and communities The training is base on the principle of co-reaching, where teachers, SGB and parents gain practical skills on food gardening and the environment-friendly organic principle, we also train communities in food garden which contribute to economic growth, Provide food parcels during December to the left out children, Encourage self-help project and income generation through food gardens, Social Entrepreneurship and Capacity Building-provide capacity building to the social entrepreneurs to manage them and improve their employability and also contribute to economic growth of the country, Sports Development, Youth Sports, Sport against HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse and Teenage pregnancy, Soccer and Netball coaching clinics, Encouraging high schools especially girls to participate in sports. Further training includes.HIV, human trafficking and other burning issues. Victim Empowerment -Conducting victim awareness workshops and conducting community dialogues to talk about child and women abuse talks in the community and come up with strategies to fight abuse. Forums and support groups.

NEED: JEP would like to get a funder or partner who will assist in implementing the programmes to the community. 

WHO : Tryphina Mosomane: 0725022978

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Smile Foundation

WHAT: We’re About Putting Smiles on the Faces of Children in South Africa! The Smile Foundation is a South African NGO that assists children with any type of facial abnormality, to receive free corrective Plastic and Reconstructive surgery within South Africa. We help children who suffer from treatable facial deformities such as Cleft Lip and Palate, burn victims, Moebius syndrome (facial paralysis) and other conditions. We are currently based in 7 Academic Hospitals around South Africa. We are investing in the medical teams we work with, through a Skills Development programme, and we assist the hospitals by purchasing equipment for use by the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. To date, we have changed almost 1000 lives. Our Chief Patron Nelson Mandela’s wish is for us to assist as many children around South Africa as possible. 

NEED: Get Involved! - Donate towards giving a child the gift of a smile today. - Refer a patient who needs assistance for a facial deformity - Volunteer your time at one of the hospitals we partner with around South Africa. 

WHO : Michelle Gerszt: 011 325 6480


Childrens Medical Emergency SA

WHAT: The Org is there to assist children in dire need of medical assistance, financial as well as best reference to medical prationers in regards to their various conditions. 

NEED: With anything, from food to blankets,clothes and even their spare time and building materials. Finance is also great as we are a registered PBO nad NPO any funds are tax detuctible.

WHO : Craig Marucchi: +27725194865

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Imbumba Art Room

WHAT: We provide a room young people, youth and people with disability where they can develop new art talents and basic life skills for them to improve their lives and self esteem. We also develop them in the game of Handball as part of our healthy living programme. 

NEED: Through donations and attending fundraising activities or programme that can assist in sustaining our organisation. Gift are also welcomed. 

WHO : Bongani Tshabalala: 011 424 2004

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Child Welfare SA: Midrand

WHAT: Rendering of statutory child protection services for abused, abandoned and neglected children; Early childhood development programme for underprivilleged children; Child care and foster care placements; Counselling and therapeutic services, Crisis intervention,and family preservation and restoration, Sustainable livelihood development projects. 

NEED: People can help by sponsoring a school uniform to an abandoned child; by donationg food, clothes, cash, second hand goods, computers, geysers or any household item; by volunteering your time; by sharing your skills with our foster teenagers. 

WHO : Lesego: 011 315 3522

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WHAT: PEN focuses on children and use this focus as entry point to reach other marginalized communities. Our approach is holistic of nature and all our clients have entry to any service we provide which include, but are not limited to: Enterprise development; psychosocio- & health services through our clinic; Early Childhood Development (access to 22+ nursery schools); primary and secondary school and student outreach programs; Houses of safety for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and a sustainable support system. 

NEED: Visit our projects and see how you can become involved or support a child through a donation (see details on our webpage).

WHO : Thinus Schrage: +27 12 323 6688



Diakonia AIDS Ministry 

WHAT: The Orphans and Vulnerable Children Department provides professional services to children and families. OVC staff provide case management, such as home visits, family conflict resolution, referral to services, and family support. The after school programme runs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 14h00-17h00 at the Diakonia AIDS Ministry center. The after school programme is open to OVC's and all children of the community. The programme includes a feeding scheme with a full nutritious meal, educational activities, visits to the local library, sports, art, singing, drama, and life skills education. The after school programme's aim is to provide a safe place for children after school where they can engage in positive and educational activities rather than being on the streets unsupervised. 

NEED: Volunteers are needed to cook the feeding scheme meal, supervise and educate the children. The item most needed is food in small and large quantities. Families struggle with food at home, and any food not used at the programme is packed for the most needy children as supper. Other items needed are bowls, cups, spoons, large buckets, personal hygiene products, clothes, caps and gloves, blankets, CD player with radio, children's books, toys, and games. 

WHO : Mary Borgman: 011 932 3966

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I Care

WHAT: We work with children living on the streets of KZN and Gauteng building relationships of trust and working with them at our drop in centre. we then place them into a rehabilitation programme for 3 months where we deal with a number of issues including substance abuse, life skills etc. From there we determine whether the children are able to return to their families or whether they need to enter into a permanent child care facility. Our Social Worker with the child plots an individual child care plan for each child. 

NEED: People can help by donations of clothing, dried foods, school uniforms, toiletries etc. Funding for schooling, running of houses. Assisting older boys with skills and jobs 

WHO : Jenni-Lyn van Niekerk: 031 572 6870 



WHAT: The ‘Save-A-Child’ Project What drives this project is the fact that these children have done nothing wrong – they are innocent. And yet there are very sick people out there who abuse, neglect and sexually abuse them. This is a situation that the CSC North as an organisation was not prepared to tolerate and in 2000 we launced the ‘Save-A-Child’ Project. We are actively contributing to the care and safe refuge of abused,neglected,abandoned and orphaned children through this Project falling under our Child Protection Program. 1. The Child Therapy Centre, in collaboration with the 17 Centres of Hope in the CSC system, helps traumatized children, through the following specialized support services, rendered by them:  PROTECTION of children by removing them from parental care in terms of the Children’s Act.  Recruitment of PLACES OF SAFETY to provide children with loving care pending the children’s court case.  ASSESSMENT of family relationships and wellbeing: assessment of children and adults are applied in a three hour assessment session. The PLACEMENT of children in substitute care through the recruitment of foster parents and/or adoption parents.  TRAINING AND SUPPORT for substitute parents.  INTENSIVE THERAPY for the children involved helping them to adapt to their circumstances. We also run Family Preservation and Poverty Relief Programs. 

NEED: Options available for Financial Assistance: Support the SAVE-A-CHILD Project @R2500/child/year ( Support specifically one of our geographical Centres (see list on website) WISH LIST The amount of R2 500.00 per child/year is calculated on professional and legal services only, but because these children are often severely traumatized we would also appreciate the following: FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS: Baby clothing Baby shampoo Toys Nappies Bottles Baby formula Baby food YOUNG CHILDREN: Clothing Educational toys Food School uniforms School stationary Toiletries YOUNG ADULTS: Clothing – including shoes, socks and underwear Food School Uniforms School stationary Toiletries Educational toys.

WHO : Anja Le Cornu: 012 460 9272