Angels without Wings

WHAT: Angels without Wings offers assistence to families who have children with terminal illnesses or life altering conditions. Our main focus is on making it possible for children to receive the correct treatment / procedures regardless of their family's financial situation. We offer financial and emotional support. We assist about 39 aww children and about 40 in various hospitals.

NEED: Financially. Things such as toys, toiletries, blankets, teddy bears - sms AWW to 38008, sms costs R10 - Spreading the word.

WHO : Nadine Voyiatzakis: 0716036325



Salem Baby Care Centre

WHAT: Salem Baby Care Centre is a non-profit organization helping destitute mothers and their babies/children in the entire East London community. Our mission is geared towards providing our beneficiaries with basic needs such as health & hygiene, food, clothing, skills training, free pre-school education and continous after care support. There are 3 main programmes -(1) health & hygien - babies are bathed, given clean clothing. They recieve formula at Centre and to take home. Babies are medically checked and sent to clinic or doctor if there is a problem. Mothers get a food parcels every month for the family. We give over 170 food parcels out a month. (2) Educare - children 2-6 years incuding grade R. They follow daily programme, recieve breakfast, snack and cooked lunch, have qualified teachers. Give grade R graduation if funds are available and also give each child a Birthday party - decorate classroom, cake and present. (3) Skills workshop - mothers whose children are in the creche are taught various skills such as jewelry making, sewing and when funds are avaialbe go on training such as parenting skills, victim empowerment, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and training to help create employment such as hair & beauty, etc. Salem plays a small but very vital role towards the eradication of poverty. It is a place where mothers, especially young mothers can turn to in their time of need, before making irrational decisiosn, so often we hear babies left in bins or bushes, etc we want to give these moms HOPE. We have over 170 families registered with us and 35 children in our creche on a daily basis, many moms come once a month as they live to far. We bathe about 15 babies daily. We would love to help more children and not turn them away when our creche is full so for a future project, Salem wants to build a new creche and be able to help 60 children. A company was kind to already do the plans for a new building. Help Salem make a difference in these children's lives, as the children are the future. This year 8 of our chidlren started Grade 1 with everything they needed school fees paid, clothing, bags, shoes, lunch boxes, etc salem bought with the help of a donor. 

NEED: NGO's always need fiancial support in order to keep their doors open and provide a much needed service. daily needs, clothing, shoes, non-perishable food items for food parcels, toys, books, puzzels, nappies, blankets, baby bottles. Salem is 20 years old and in need of revamp, just managed with help of donor to revamp educare & bath area. New fencing for safety and a vehicle. 

WHO : Lereen Naidoo: 043 - 7421176 / 073 102 0399



Sukamiza Upholstery

WHAT: We teach children between the ages 14 -18 to become upholsters, we have 11 children from Kayaletu School in East London that attend our workshop every Monday and Tuesday from 8H00-13H00 

NEED: Donations of upholstery material, foam, tools, cash 

WHO : Jenny: 0824454841 

WEB : None 


WHAT: Cotlands is a non-profit community development organisation that actively seeks to find solutions to real community problems. Our objective is primarily to intervene directly within communities to build capacity in caring for children. We provide health, education and psychosocial services. Our primary beneficiaries are orphaned and vulnerable children who, in many instances, have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. 

NEED: We would great appreciate financial assistance as well as donations in kind for our community care givers. We need, shoes, umbrellas/raincoats and back packs. 

WHO : Lois Moodley: 011 683 7200 ext 235


Utho Ngathi Projects

WHAT: Utho Ngathi Projects has a comprehensive "Road to Changes" program, which focuses on 6 different areas to effectively address the dire challenges faced by thousands of severely disabled children living in extremely, impoverished rural areas, in the Eastern Cape, (27km outside Umtata), North West province, Gauteng and Zambia. 

NEED: I believe with more public awareness, education and continuous financial support, Utho Ngathi Projects can be even more effective in the lives of the handicapped and disabled children they work with on a daily basis! Unfortunately due to ignorance and the extreme, remote locations of the areas they work in and the fact that the parents of these disabled children are extremely poor, they do not have the means to get help and in most cases do not know how to get help or assistance! (And in some cases that their is even help available!) This is where Utho Ngathi has stepped in and made an enormous impact already! Utho Ngathi use various ways in performing this much needed and very worthy function: Their programme consists of 6 cornerstone elements: Research, Awareness Campaigns, Home Based Care, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), Sponsorships, Sustainable Economic Development. I found it quite sad that it took 2 foreigners, Andreas Woerster from Germany and Masauso Phiri from Zambia to start this organisation in 2005 to bring hope, comfort, and new beginnings and to paint a smile on a paralized child's face for the 1st time in his life, who has been left lying around in the dirt, mud and soil for literally years and after receiving a wheelchair now has the freedom of movement! Obviously funding remains the most crucial and difficult aspect for any non profit organisation in SA and Utho Ngathi is no exception to the rule! With this brilliant concept by Roman's Pizza Double Up Challenge "Wipe that smile on your face" Roman's could play a vital role in partnering with Utho Ngathi Projects to spread more joy, much needed help, support and care wider and further in our country! The Zulu expression of Utho Ngathi embodies the concept that "we are of value to each other!" 

WHO : Andreas Woerster: 083 347 2988

WEB : 

Petals Day Care For OVCs

WHAT: Assist OVCs, PLWHA and child headed house holds.We buy school uniform, sponges, blankets and give food supplements. We were feeding these children on daily basis but due to financial constraits the programme was ceased. 

NEED: Give clothes, we need a vehicle to go around our operational areas. We will be receiving a developmental site from our local municipality and building material will be needed. Finances will be needed for office equipment and daily operations. 

WHO : Mbuso: 0722461707

WEB : None


WHAT: We provides a place of safety for abused and abandoned babies and children, trust number: IT313/2010 

NEED: People can help with food donations, nappies, formula, 

WHO : Tracy King: 083 959 9663

WEB : 

Carel du Toit Centre

WHAT: We are the only Centre in the WC/ EL which teaches deaf children to speak prior to grade R in a structured school environment,with the aim of placing them in mainstream schools for normal hearing children. Our deaf children range between the ages 0 - 10 years. Children are fitted with hearing aids and then they attend class on daily basis to learn natural spoken langauge. Our children do not sign they talk. We also have satellites in Bloemfontein and Cape Town. 

NEED: Tell you family member who is having a baby to have her babies hearing tested at birth,tinned food, cereals, grass, leveling grounds,vehicle to transport children, funding for classroom, funding for operational cost. 

WHO : Valerie vd Merwe: 021 938 4427

WEB : 

children of the dawn

WHAT: We care for the orphans and vulnerable children of 7 to 18 years old. make sure the kids have balanced food daily and go to school with the necessary support and many more adventures to build the child by exploring more with opportunities. 

NEED: 1. finacial support of R250 per month 2. giving suport of clothes and penpal with them 3. giving donation to the bursary educational trust.

WHO : Magali 072 4280939 

WEB : 


You are welcome to contact any of our listed charities or causes should you want to help them! Please remember to tell us about what you will be doing, so that we can tell the world about it! 

Scripture Union Amatola

WHAT: Scripture Union works with children, teaching them about life values. Promoting that they are valuable, the dangers of sex outside of marriage focusing on HIV/AIDS and teaching many other lifeskills. Our projects are run in schools, at holiday clubs and on camps, which give underpriveleged children the opportunity to have a whole new experience. In the last year we have assisted over 1000 children between the ages of 7 and 18.

NEED: People can help by donating money and volunteering their services.

WHO : Matthew Tarboton: 043 7260202

WEB : None 

Greensleeves Place of Safety

WHAT: Take care of abandoned & abused children.

NEED: We need People to supply or cook food, fundraise--funds needed 4 wages,fuel help with outings help set up orchard help set up vegie patch help with homework.

WHO : Dianne Lehy: 0827704336



Matla A Bana

WHAT: Helps 13000 children who report abuse against them every year. Most of them are girls between 8 and 12 who has been raped. 

NEED: Goods for comfort packs for these children (deodorant, teddy bears, face cloth, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cup-a-soup, panties (girls ages 4 - 12), notebook, pen, colouring book, crayons, juice, crisps, energy bar, packet of tissues, sanitary towels)

NEED : Support for FCS members. Comfort packs for child rape victims and create child friendly rooms for victims. 

WHO : Lizel Van Eeded 011 787 6742

WEB : 

Haven Care

WHAT: We run a soup kitchen, cloth the children and give out food parcels. We also help the poor in their homes (fix windows etc).

NEED: They can make donations towards the soup kitchen, donate good second hand clothes/new 

WHO : Benny Davids: 0839281572/0780796570

WEB : None 


WHAT: We aim to uplift the children of the less fortunate communities in South Africa. Astonishing & life changing results are the result that we achieve. At Klippie Kids Pre-primary school we use the a unique curriculum (the J.E.S. Curriculum) which offers education for children between the ages of 3 and 6 who come from less fortunate communities and who are under stimulated. The aim is to enable them to excel at school because a lack of stimulation during this phase is a major reason why children struggle at school. The program aims to prepare children not only for primary school but for life. They are taught how to deal with situations they will encounter. Attention is also given to their needs on a wider spectrum than merely the intellectual. We assist up to 170 children.

NEED: A monthly contribution to support a child or a teacher.

WHO : Delene Kleyn: +27219818241 

WEB : 

Smile Foundation

WHAT: We’re About Putting Smiles on the Faces of Children in South Africa! The Smile Foundation is a South African NGO that assists children with any type of facial abnormality, to receive free corrective Plastic and Reconstructive surgery within South Africa. We help children who suffer from treatable facial deformities such as Cleft Lip and Palate, burn victims, Moebius syndrome (facial paralysis) and other conditions. We are currently based in 7 Academic Hospitals around South Africa. We are investing in the medical teams we work with, through a Skills Development programme, and we assist the hospitals by purchasing equipment for use by the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. To date, we have changed almost 1000 lives. Our Chief Patron Nelson Mandela’s wish is for us to assist as many children around South Africa as possible. 

NEED: Get Involved! - Donate towards giving a child the gift of a smile today. - Refer a patient who needs assistance for a facial deformity - Volunteer your time at one of the hospitals we partner with around South Africa. 

WHO : Michelle Gerszt: 011 325 6480



WHAT: Zama is an afterschool education facility that provides quality programmes for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. These programmes focus on literacy and numeracy as well as extracurriculars and personal development. Children are able to realize their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. 

NEED: Promoting Zama through social media, word of mouth, useful contacts. -Donating time or materials -Sponsoring programmes, upcoming events, teacher training, school sponsorships, general donations. 

WHO : Gail Hawes: 0413733045

WEB : 

Siyanakekela Community Development

WHAT: Home based care, gender Based violence, HIV/AIDS, Children's rights,

NEED: Financiallly, Donation of clothes, food parcells.

WHO : Sekumpana Shabalala: 0822276171

WEB : None 

iThemba Lethu

WHAT: The Family Integration Programme facilitates the adoption of babies who have been orphaned or abandoned as a result of HIV/AIDS, into secure and loving families. The programme includes two transition homes that take care of the babies until suitable permanent families can be found. Babies are placed in our care by various welfare departments in and around Durban. We then find a permanent home for each child. The entire process of screening potential families and facilitating the placement, is carried out by our social worker - at no cost to the adoptive family. In 2011 we were able to transition 12 babies into permanent homes and to date in 2012, six babies have been placed with their adoptive families. It is so exciting to see the destinies of these babies restored and seeing them loved and cherished by their new parents. The iThemba Lethu Family Integration Programme was established in November 2000. To date 75 babies have been transitioned into the care of permanent families through the programme. What a joy to know that each child is in a loving and secure home rather than in an orphanage or institution. 

NEED: iThemba Lethu is registered non-profit organisation which operates soley on donations. Currently we have a budget deficit for 2012. Any help with reducing this deficit would be greatly appreciated. iThemba Lethu also welcomes volunteers who can assist with childcare. A screening process has been put in place to allow willing, able, reliable and responsible individuals to get involved at the homes. 

WHO : Glenda Williams: 031 261 7723

WEB : 

St Bernard's Hospice

WHAT: St Bernard's Hospice currently provides paediatric palliative care to 250 orphan's and vulnerable children as well children infected with HIV/AIDS,serebal paulsy, Cancer etc. The aim of this program is the holistic independent functioning of OVC's through the provision of palliative care for children which includes the active total care of the childs body mind and spirit and also involves giving support to the family. It begins when illness is diagnosed and continues regardless of whether or not a child receives treatement directed at the disease. It is also to evaluate and alleviate physical, psycological and social distress of the child. Effective palliative care requires a broad multi disiplinary approach that includes the family and makes use of available community resources. It can be successfully implemented even if resources are limited. It can be provided in tertiary care facilities and community health centres and even in childrens homes. 

NEED: Monetary donations are of vital importance to maintain these projects. Donations in kind such as toys, educational toys, clothing, school clothing, 

WHO : Leigh Bursey: 043 721 0051